38F7931B-9D22-4424-8031-AA6E536F542EI found this 1930 at a LGS (known in the valley as the most expensive shop) as a ”parts project”. ( I should have taken a “before” picture.) Since I will never sell it, I can safely say I paid a whopping $60 for it!!!  After a couple of months of chasing down a correct barrel (a 1930 with the right proof marks, but sadly not the same serial number) and finding period proper internal parts-it lives!!!!

I learned/taught myself how to replicate the old rust bluing and the old nitrocellulose wood finish using modern day stuff. (Restoring a gun to look like “new” can be really tough, but restoring a gun to look like it how it would have looked new-way back in 1930-takes a whole different level of effort!!!!) 

The neat thing about this is it was literally a bunch of various A5 parts thrown together. The receiver needed some welding before I could reblue it, and as I was trying to fit a stock to it, the oddball early A5 stocks I had wouldn’t fit. After a bunch of measuring and studying-it turns out the reason the wood was “wrong “was it is what’s known (as the picture shows) as an uber (with a capitol F) rare “straight-stock” or sometimes called a European stock.(!!!!) 

Shoots smooth as a Swiss. (technically a Belgian) watch!!!!!


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Original Post

Oh yeah, that butt stock was a chunk of walnut when I got it. Finding an original straight stock is like UFOs and an honest politician ----everybody claims they exist, but nobody has really ever seen one.  I started from a blank on that. 

Well done.  Damned fine work. 

Must be a great feeling, restoring a gem like that. 


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Damn nice job.


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From the looks of things, that gun is thinking the next 90 years are going to be the best yet.

The thing about an A5 is that if you're in a quiet place you can hear them whisper to you.  

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Ok. You guys are slipping.  Can I have it Bill? You can drop it off next time  you’re passing thru my AO on the way to Commiefornia.  
Nice work by the way.  

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That's one... 

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Last edited by MOJONIXON

(I am sure glad no one noticed the wrong forearm on it.  That one was on it when I got it.  Wrong style, and has since been corrected.)

Mojo, since you asked politely, sure.  I'll drop it off at 2:15 PM, in a few months.


(I am going to take it back to where I got it, and see what they will give me for it. I've got a gaggle of time into it, but very little money.  Maybe $275 total.) 





Damn, MOJO beat me too the "Can I have It."  

But, I'll  top that, Bill, I'll give you $120.00, twice what you paid for it .

Great looking shot gun, wish I had one! 


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I have a Remington Autoloading Gun, which was the model designation from 1906-1911.  Mine was made in 1907, so before it was renamed the Model 11 in 1911.  It looks very similar to yours except for the fact that it has a pistol grip, not the straight stock.  Mine hasn't been refinished, so it still has the old patina on the metal and wood.



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This figured in the final scene of the Highwaymen, right?

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Taught a low-light shotgun class last weekend. Fwiw, had a student rolling with an A5. It had a vent rib barrel. Whoever shortened it wasn't going for aesthetics.


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My latest acquisition.  12 inch barrel (we don't have silly SBR  laws etc).  $250    as a woman would say about shoe sales, "they're practically giving them away".

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