One constant for guild members is finding way to cleanup our gear profile, reduce snag hazards, stow extra straps and for comm wires secure them in a way that will minimize stress on the hard connections. Some armor carriers address this better than others, but reality is that there are many possible configuration and no carrier is going to ably accommodate all the variations. For years, one of the hall marks of a squared away guy was having all his loose ends wrapped with riggers tape, and his commo wires taped in place with rigger or electric tape. This worked but the tape tended to deteriorate over time, and left gummy residue where ever it had been. Zipties were also used but had their own problems. Depending on the organization, this technique was encouraged or frowned upon, depending on if the leadership were gunfighters or not.


In the 21st century, we have better options. One of the slickest? OneWrap Velcro. It was originally designed (among other things) for electricians who worked projects that need wires bundled,but would also need access to individual wires in the bundle on a more or less frequent basis. As with gunfighters, duct tape and zip ties were used but not were optimal.


OneWrap is a strip of Velcro featuring hook on one side and loop on the other. As developed, the hook is more burr like and the loop is more fuzz like,resulting in a product that is less prone to loading up with dirt, seeds, lint and other contaminants. It is available in 50yd rolls in black and apparently in tan and gray. Widths are 1" and 2".


I have been using it for several years in various ways on my gear and in my business. 


Here is some examples:


Need IFF or morale patches on the rear of your JPC, but don't like the AITES velcro cards? Fish strips of 1" through your MOLLE web column with the fuzz side facing out. When you slap on the patch, the patch secures the OneWrap to itself and the carrier in a perfect synergy. The black square above the "Sheriff" placard is a 1" IR square affixed the same way, with a longer column of OneWrap.





Need your TCI PTT switch securely located without a lot of messing around? Just fish more OneWrap through your MOLLE columns and wrap around the PTT or around the shoulder straps and the head set connection. In this case, I put a small square of adhesive 3M hook velcro on the rear of the PTT that meshes with the loop on the JPC. This prevents unwanted rotation.





Here is an overall shot of my LPAAC setup for patrol. Note how the various cables are routed almost completely out of the way. A ground fight will probably dislodge some of them, but it is all easily rerigged. 





Unlike the RSUC, the LPAAC is not designed around a shoulder mike. With some OneWrap, this is not a problem. A couple wraps around the shoulder strap offer a great spot to hang the mike by its clip. A wrap behind the first secures it and the TCI earpiece cable in place. As with the PTT, I used a wrap of adhesive 3M loop velcro around the heat sealed splice in the earpiece cable to keep it from moving fore and aft. You can just see that peeking out behind the remote mike, under the second wrap of OneWrap. 





Here I have used both shock cord and Kifaru Hypalon webbing binders to secure the extra coil cable that comes with the earpiece:





Another picture of the tiedown from the side. I could have just as easily used OneWrap instead of the Kifaru thingies, and it would have been cheaper, but I had the Kifaru devices laying around...

The shock cord is just a simple loop I made using shock cord and heat-shrink tubing.





There was some concern during the transition to overt vests that they could be forcibly removed in a ground fight. That is valid consideration. So, a simple wrap around the bitter end of the strong side shoulder strap secures it. The vest is not going to come off with a chance pull of the shoulder strap. Plus, it guarantees that the strap adjustment is not going to slip during the shift. I have never had a strap slip yet, even without the wrap, but for 20 cents worth of OneWrap, I get that extra security. I just dropped my policy mandated Taser AXION camera in the pocket of the LPAAC. It rides up close to my head so the camera view should generally reflect what I am actually looking at. It was unstable, but I applied a strip of 3M hook to the back of the AXION case to mesh with the loop on the LPAAC pocket. Now it does not move, and requires a ruler to break the connection in the rare event I need to remove the protective case. 




A picture of the management of the coiled cable for the remote mike. Grimlok's or ITW Web Dominators as used here work well for this. The Web Dominator is slightly lower profile than a Grimlok in this application. This is one place where OneWrap tends not to work as well as it doesn't lock the cable in when run parallel to a MOLLE column.





I hope these ideas are useful to guys transitioning to overt carriers.










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I find one wrap works really well for securing molle pouches to a duty belt. I'll cut a strip about 4 times the width of the belt. Starting on the inside, mate which ever side of the one wrap to the velcro of the belt. Loop it up through the molle on the pouch, then down over top of the inside, securing the one wrap in place. Use a pair of needle nosed pliers, pull the last bit of free running end back up through the molle on the pouch so that it is sandwiched between the belt and the pouch. I have KYWIs and Tacos on my belt and other than occasionally retightening them they are rock solid.

LongEye is the Man. That is all. This method worked great for me after he conducted a hip-pocket training via PM on it, oh and also sent me some OneWrap so I could try it, free.... so I hopped on Amazon and bought a roll. Shit is awesome.





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It is often the simplest solutions that work the best. 



Incidentally, if anyone is looking for Velcro One-Wrap in Tan 498, for a project like this, then be advised that forum member OC Mike carries it in his web store:



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Thanks for that link.  It helps the conversation.


From the link:

Product Description

Velcro® Brand One-Wrap Fasteners.  Hook on one side and loop on the other.  


  • Back-to-back fastener laminated without glue - no chemical residue
  • Available in Coyote 498, Foliage Green, Beige, Black, and Red
  • Designed for durability - ONE-WRAP® fasteners can be used over and over again
  • Can be used for cable and wire management on radios, hearing protection, etc. Securing hydration tubes, loose webbing ends and countless other uses.
  • Can be cut to desired length and width.
  • Can be sewn


VELCRO® is a registered trademark of Velcro Industries B.V.


I sewed some slick little IFF placards with this stuff for the 6/12 system back when I was running a Strandhogg. I should have taken some pictures of the results, but did not and have since sold the carrier and placards. But in retrospect what I did with the JPC above worked even better and required nothing but scissors.


Not usually one to parade the chinese copycat industry....  


but the one wrap clone rolls from Harbor Freight are cheap and they really, really, really hold tight.  


They also don't tend to wear out (get un sticky) as fast as the Velcro brand one wrap.  






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This is timely for me. I need to put patches on my carrier and, while the MSM (Tactical Tailor-made) Patch Panel is nice, I don't need the zippered pouch and it's right above the magazines, so low profile is required. Many thanks, and I wish I would have thought of that.

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 One of those it didn't even occur to me to tell everyone as I use it so much. In fact, I got a roll of OneWrap in the mid 90s. Worked with someone whose husband was a regional rep for Velcro, so coveted it (despite being blue) because it was not generally available for a few years. 


The one-wrap ties or whatever they are called are great for all cable org if you are a commo guy. I even have one on the end of my left Sordin download so I can strap them to the top of my head when using them as earpro, but not plugged in. 

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Downrange Gear is on the verge of releasing an armor carrier accessory based on One-Wrap and it's typical of the innovation Chris is known for.  Definitely one of those "why did this take so long to be invented" sort of things.

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Outstanding post!  I've been using OneWrap on my LPAAC as well for cable and strap management.  Will have to pick up a couple of those Web Dominators—my radio and remote mic are set up almost identical to yours, and I have the same problem with keeping the coiled cord in place behind my left armpit.

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Originally Posted by palacial:



Not usually one to parade the chinese copycat industry....  


but the one wrap clone rolls from Harbor Freight are cheap and they really, really, really hold tight.  


They also don't tend to wear out (get un sticky) as fast as the Velcro brand one wrap.  





I have had these de-laminate over time when exposed to heat.
I've been using this for a while now to replace tape and zipties.

HSGI's range of belt pouches use it to attach the pouches to duty belts, and I have been modifying other MOLLE pouches to do pretty much the same thing.

I've been buying it by the roll in different colours from EMDOM.



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Just had a fellow LF'r make me a new sheath for my Joe Watson "hidden key" and he suggested using one-wrap to attach it to my duty belt for horizontal carry.

I had originally  been carrying it vertical behind my magazine pouch but when to horizontal carry after going to new mag pouches and found that the original sheath although excellent didn't really mount up as solid as I wanted for its new location.

I used Chicago screws to attach the onewrap to the sheath and with the loop Velcro on the back of my belt it keeps it from sliding laterally. It worked out amazingly well...imageimageimageimageimageimage

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I'll see about grabbing some photos of it later today, but I definitely have had success in using One-Wrap with my strandhogg. I've been meaning to get a swiftclip setup on it for a while, and finally purchased the clips, but my stupid self forgot to buy the necessary attachment points. Fortunately, a couple bits of One-Wrap so far have worked well at keeping the vertical clips on the carrier, and since the inside of the strandhogg is essentially velcro as well, they don't appear to want to move at all. Additionally, since I'm using a mayflower chest rig as a placard, I also placed a few loops of One-Wrap to work with the loop velcro on the interior of the rig to help keep things a bit tighter to body.

Definitely wouldn't have considered any of that without first noticing this thread.

I've tried the LPAAC without the shoulder pads, but prefer using it with the pads.  While the carrier is easier to don and doff with the wider neck opening you get by ditching the pads, they  work quite well for cable management.  Additionally, because I'm carrying a rifle the majority of the time, I like having a little bit of cushion between my sling and my shoulder (I don't have a padded sling on my work gun).  The Mayflower shoulder pads are neat in that they flap open to allow easy access to your cables; the downside is that the flaps are only secured by a very thin strip of hook and loop.  A couple lengths of OneWrap help keep the flap closed.  My LPAAC isn't custom like Longeye's, so where I've folded over the shoulder adjustments, I've used OneWrap to keep the excess webbing tucked away neatly.

Mayflower LPAAC front

Mayflower LPAAC rear

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Have you tried the newer Velocity Sys/Mayflower shoulder pads? I've got an extra pair if you'd like them (I purchased a set for use with my LPAC but it came with the new ones). They are nice in that they are narrower and still comfy. PM me your shipping address and I'll get it out to you.

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Jmacken37 posted:


Have you tried the newer Velocity Sys/Mayflower shoulder pads? I've got an extra pair if you'd like them (I purchased a set for use with my LPAC but it came with the new ones). They are nice in that they are narrower and still comfy. PM me your shipping address and I'll get it out to you.

I appreciate the offer, but I'm in an admin role now, and the only time I get to put on a vest is on the rare occasion I'm able to sneak out to the range with my guys.  Thanks, though!

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