I am wondering if anyone knows of a company that makes a double handcuff case, open top, one slot would accommodate a pair of standard hinged cuffs and the other a pair of standard chained cuffs, in high gloss?  Most of my belt gear is Safariland STX today (which I like).  Looking for something broadly similar, but meeting the spec outlined above.  Thank you! 



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RBOYLE, I recall a thread either here or another professional forum in which the OP was looking for an open-top, double cuff case of a more generic variety.  As I recall, no one could offer any suggestions.  Bestof luck and let us know if you succeed.

I've been looking for literally years to try and find an open top, double cuff pouch.  I have had no luck finding anything until recently having some kydex benders make some.

I got Blade-Tech to make one about 8 years ago that was ok.  Recently, I bought a Zero-9 Holsters one but the Tek-Lok on it won't close on my Ares Gear belt so I haven't been using it.  The Zero-9 holsters one I really want to try out as it seems like a good option.  IIRC, they offer a high-gloss option on their website. 

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