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First and foremost i'm not a professional at design or anything else. Just an end user. Previously had two different rucks made and wasn't happy with the manufacture or actual execution of certain features. So I wanted to draw this out in detail and have your guys' input on this before I pull the trigger and have someone sew it up. Hopefully will be made from a large alice pack I have but may end up being 100% made from scratch. 

There were certain features and frames from different manufactures but no one bag does everything I like. The crossfire bags come the closest, but i've had several styles of plastic frames break on me and they have to much flex/creaking. Even with the cold molding that they use on their new frames I have concerns about both cold weather and airborne operations with the frames.  Along with logistical issues (if my malice frame does break it will be significantly easier to find a replacement frame) and fit issues (the malice frame fits me great at 5'6" and I have concerns that the dg-16 frameset would not work with a belt kit for me).

Different parts and pieces taken from Crossfire ind, Tac Tailor, Platatac, Mystery Ranch, And Jay-Jays.

I have an AWS assault pack that would be great as both an E&E bag or just a good way to separate approach load/fighting load.

Pretty simple here, just a top flap to use if I don't want to use the assault pack, RTO zip, Storm Flap, Load lifters to interface with TT adjustable super straps and the back portion of the floating lid.

Pretty standard exterior minus the internal access zips and compression straps (the buckles are set up so they can attach to each other across the front pouch. Useful?) 

Interior portion to fit the Mystery Ranch Radio Wrap, and hydration hangers

Gets a little funky here but on the inside is a triple wide molle/pals panel and a hydration hanger on top, surrounding that is a mesh torpedo pocket with a cord loc closure on top and a zippered/cupped bottom to allow pass through and access to the bottom if need be.

Probably the most unconventional and unsure about this right now, But the idea is to move the frame attachment point lower to allow room for a sleeping bag compartment on the bottom, Very unhappy with current solutions to add a sleeping bag compartment to alice style bags. Also some side stabilizing straps, a better view of the top section of load lifters, RTO zip, and floating lid attachment. 

Sleeping bag compartment is pretty standard Mystery ranch/ Crossfire ind. style. 

But yeah so that's the majority of it, Finally got the layout to the point I would like some 3rd-party suggestions on the different ideas here and their ability to be implemented. 

If you got to the end of this thanks for reading and would appreciate your input.

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