I have been contemplating buying a pair of BHI's Hellstorm gloves but I don't know what to think about them. If I am going to drop up to 60.00 bucks I want to be dam sure they are going to last. I carry a M4 at work everyday so I need them to have a good grip. I love flight gloves but they are to light weight this time of year. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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I bought a pair of these as an experiment. My purpose was to find a general duty glove, mostly to protect hands when setting up the TOC, and futzing around on my track. I haven't been horribly thrilled with them for that purpose. That class of glove (probably it's competitors) don't lend themselves much to comfort, IMO. The wrist strap is too constrictive, and the material loves to soak water.

I also got their extreme cold weather glove and found them to be a bit flimsy, and OBTW, stay away from propane heaters with those...

For my money (half my money to be exact), Hatch is a better way to go generally. Some of the scouts in my bn are using Specialists, so I decided to give them a try. Better the $30 experiment than the $60 one. I actually bought some Winter Specialists and took them out on a short march this last weekend in the rainy, cold foothills of western WA. They are neoprene outers with a sythetic leather palm/finger, a Hipora insert, some Thinsulate, and a fleecy interior. It was pretty miserable, but my hands stayed very warm. I haven't handled a weapon with them, at least haven't fired, so I can't report on that. My hands were pretty humid by the end, but never got cold. Would be nice if neoprene shed the water a bit better.

For general use, I like the Specialists, and find they fit better than Hellstorms. I don't know what planet BHIs thumb models come from. confused

BHI makes a line of patrolman style gloves that might fill the bill, but I'm going to guess than Hatch will do it better and cheaper. My next experiment is likely to be their Operator Shorty.
I have no personal experience with the Hellstorm gloves, but I do own a pair of Hatch Operator gloves that I like very much. I think that they're very comfortable and that they offer you a pretty good grip of your weapon. Dexterity is also maintained pretty well when wearing them (I can type on a keyboard while wearing them without too many mistakes). However, they are not very good at keeping your hands warm in cold weather (anything below about 5-10C is going to be a bit cold for the fingers). Furthermore, they have a tendency to really capture moisture from your hands when you're sweating. While this doesn't seem to affect the gripping ability of the gloves, they can be a bit cold if they get wet, and they aren't exactly quick-drying.

Even with these shortcoming I do recommend these gloves, but I think you will have to look for something else if you want a real cold-weather glove.

WARNING: While I have served with the Danish Air Force, I'm currently just an airsofter, and the above remarks are based on airsoft experiences which naturally does not put as much a strain on your equipment as the real deal.

Your question is very difficult to answer. You want the best touch and to protected against the weather.

I have a pair of Hatch Operator. I like them a lot. This is a good peace of kit for storming in MOUT. But in the field, I'm using british combat gloves. They feature a Gore-tex insert with a green leather outer.
They are very strong and watter protective. In cold weather, I add thermal inner gloves. This system is not as accurat as the Operator but ,during IA drill, I feel no problem manipulating my FAMAS.

I think the BHI Hellstorm gloves are not covering enough the wrist and the forearme. The Operators are covering the gap between the hand and the sleeve. When I'm practicing CQB, I wear such gloves with a nomex hood. I'm very worried about fire and chemical hazard in build-up and industrial area.
I started out with a pair of BH SOLAG. A problem I had with the dexterity was the inner seam of each finger had 3/4" of extra material in the tip of the finger. Plus the wrist strap was restrictive and to short IMO.
I switched to the Hatch Operators for CQB operations. Alot better dexterity!

As far as cool weather & dexterity goes, I have been using Ringer Gloves. They make several different styles and started out in the auto racing industry. www.ringergloves.com
They are very customer oriented as well.
I am fairly sure you can request the glove without the white logo on the back, I just filled mine in with a marker.
I have started several IV lines with these and had no difficulty with the dexterity!
The ringers gloves are very similar to the mechanix gloves available at almost any auto parts store. I have used the hell out of them recently and they have almost replaced my flight gloves where fire protection is not an issue. I personally use the gell lined palm ones ( I can't remember exactly what they are called) They work well and still allow a good bit of dexterity. IMO gloves like this are shit for cold WX but I don't have any better solutions. Oh yea, you will need some spray paint or a magic marker to get rid of the obnoxiously large logo on the back. cool
I don't like sujesting things on Brads site that he doesn't sell but I think he need to look into carrying these.

Mechanix brand gloves and great. Inexpensive, good dexteraty and durible. They come in a brown camo patern now. I've been using a pair of black that I scraped all the white writing off of. I'm waiting for them to wear out so I can break out the camo pair that I bought before getting activated. Best value in gloves I've found.

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