Painting Your Carbine- from the Book of Pat

I got contact from Aervoe, and boy was it positive.  I supplied them with the colors and batch codes.  Some of my cans were 3 years old, and according to Aervoe rep, they have a 2 year shelf life.  I was also told that cans in storage need to be shaken every once in a while so that the resin doesnt "solidify" in the can.  When this occurs the resin settles at the bottom of the can in a sort of glob.  When somebody finally uses the product and shakes the can, the pellet breaks up the glob and a bunch of little globs are created.  These get caught in the tip, and get kind of compacted.


He wanted to ship replacements, but I passed.  Considering their concern and the way they have handled it with me so far, I will try their "fix" first.  Remove the tip, just the tip, and dip it in acetone and perhaps run some wire in it.  Turn can upside down and shake for several minutes, up to ten.  This will hopefully smash up the globs.  If that doesnt work, only then will I seek a return.


I hope this helps those with similar issues.  BTW, the rep I am working with is Kieran Creek.

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Linz posted:

Meanwhile, in 1918...


"Springfield 1903 sniper w/ Warner & Swasey M1913 scope, photo taken in 1918. Note the camouflage pain on the stock, and the distinctive cruciform grasping knob on the range adjustment of the scope."

Forgotten Firearms


Low hanging fruit...



So, Pat..... did you use the same technique on that Springfield? Or has it evolved over the years?





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Cool..thanks. painted with the can on..20160123_161407

3 Kyrlon colors from the cammo line..khaki, brown and green. It's what was on hand and a 60 degree day in a Colorado winter was too good an oprotunity to pass up. LMT MWS, AAC SDN7, Vortex 4-16x, Burris fastfire.


Also did the M&P22 in the same effort. It looks are more like most BoP outcomes. Thought the MWS and M&P came out very more target indicator black on either other than the optics


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Looks good...

Me, I'd have taped the glass & painted the optic, too.  Besides glass, the only thing I don't paint is rubbery stuff like tape switches & cables (to which I don't think paint would stick).

Is the paint drying properly on the Glock frame?  I'm getting ready to paint a carbine with Magpul XT rail covers on the handguard, and am concerned with how long my test handguard has stayed tacky (although it is getting better, just takes longer than with harder plastics).

I haven't had any issue with Glock frames or any plastic Magpul furniture. (Rubber butt pads on stocks or the MOE+ grips are a no-go)  I do feel like the drying time might be a little bit longer than the metal components.  That all hinges on your weather and humidity too.

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