I have the opportunity to get a PASGT Kevlar helmet real cheap. I need a medium and don't know how to size this particular helmet. Inside it reads... "PASGT Unicor M Lot 10-6". I was hoping the "M" stands for medium.
Most military PASGT helmets will say S, M or L for sizing but I'm not sure if the "M" is the size on this Unicor helmet or not. I know that Unicor prison was hired to make the XL size for the military but I'm hoping they also made mediums.
Does anyone know how to read this Unicor helmet size?
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I think you are looking in the wrong place. I had to go grab mine and make sure I was telling you the right thing. Where it says Unicor, is just a bunch of lot numbers and crap like that. The size is on the inside, in the center of the deepest part of the bowl. (for lack of a better way of saying it) it isn't a painted number or anything, just raised letters. Look where the suspension comes together and makes that little circle. Mine is L-5 and my hat size is a 7-3/4. Perfect fit.

Because you brought up the XL size... I tried one on once, that thing was freaking huge. I could see you fitting a L size helmet inside of it easy.

Just be carefull when shopping for used helemts. As long as it isn't going to face a ballistic threat you should be ok. You just don't know how the guy before you took care of it.
Thank you very much for the help. I don't have a chance to look at the helmet personally. It was on Ebay and I won the auction. This is what the description reads...

"Inside the helmet is stamped Helmet Pasgt, DLA 100-87-FEC98, 8470-01-092-7527 Unicor. It also has M lot 10-6."

The picture of the item wasn't good enough to read the size. The reason I bought it was just because I ASSUMED it was a medium by the description, and because I won it for $20.50. I need to know the size so that I can buy the refurbishing kit and also so that I know if it will fit. It's not here yet.

The seller told me that it is WAY too big for him and he is a 7 3/8. But the helmet has no headband in it. If I can't tel the size, I won't know if it will fit after I install the kit.

I guess by what you said above there is a good chance it is a medium. But if not then I will probably be selling it.

Thanks for your help. I by any chance you can tell more by the discription I gave above then please let me know. You are the only person who has tried to help me. Thanks again.
Once you get the band in you will see it has some adjustment to it. You can adjust the badn to make it tight/loose, plus on the suspension you can adjust it for how high it sits on your head.
Ok, I got the helmet and it is a M-6 and it has no suspension.

I was told (after buying it) that with my 71/4-71/2 head that I should have gotten a M-2.

When I get the new suspension and headband installed how much will I be able to adjust it?

Here is a bit of helpful info..

The number after the letter (M-2) is the machine number that the kevlar helmet was made on at the factory. It has NOTHING to do with sizes.
The only sizes are XS,S,M,L,XL There is no M-1, M-2 etc size.

Trust me.. No matter what specwargear.com has to say about it.

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