On Friday I finished up teaching a five-day General Pistol class (#250) at Gunsite. More than twenty students, tthey gave round counts between 880-920 ‘live’ rounds with another 40-50 frangible rounds fired in four indoor/outdoor simulator runs.

Here are the student guns:

Colt Gunsite Pistol .45ACP

Six Glock 17s
Four Glock 19s
Glock 34 (midweek switch from a -19)
Glock 43 (no, not a typo)

Guncrafter 1911 Hoss Cat 45ACP

H&K USP .45Compact
H&K p30
Sig P226
Sig p320
S&W M&P 1.0 9mm full size (switched to it after day one)

Two Springfield Xd45s
Two XD 9mm
Springfield XD-M 9mm w/ Vortex Venom RDS

STI 2011 .40SW

Wilson CQB Elite 9mm
Wilson EDC x9

(Instructor pistols were two Glock 17s, two Colt 1911s, and a M&P 1.0 9mm with a Trijicon RMR)

When I looked at the list of student guns on Monday and saw the number of XDs, I thought I’d see a whole bunch of visits to the range by the gunsmith. Wasn’t the case.

The STI had repeated feed way stoppages with what looked like a flat point / truncated cone 180gr load. I did not catch the man’f. The shooter had manipulation issues, involving consistency & sequence that may well have contributed. Don’t know the date of manufacture;

None of the XDs had any memorable issues aside from a trip to gunsmith over a rather stiff mag release.
The Vortex Venom RDS ran all week. I don’t know if it shifted zero as I don’t know how the shooter had it set-up, however I shot it and made a minor windage adjustment on Wednesday afternoon. It appeared that worked as there weren’t any other issues with it the last two days;

The Wilson EDC X9 had a pretty good stoppage early in the week. The slide locked to the rear as far past the slide stop as it could go. Tap, Roll Rack, Etc. could not budge it. Eventually smacked the snot out of the back of slide which broke it loose. No visible interior damage nor any functional deficit. It appeared to run fine the rest of the week.

The Colts, Glocks, H&Ks, Sigs, and M&P all ran fine. The student with the G43 ran that thing pretty well, with just a couple issues manipulating the slide and completing reloads based on gun size / hand size differences.

Just thought I’d share.

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Thanks for this information.  Personally,  as a nerd and numbers guy, I am always interested in more 'real world' experiences than the usual internet piss and moan sessions.  

The Wilson problem is fascinating in that I have never heard of it before.  The lack of stoppages on most of the guns listed (S&W, Glock, Sig, etc.) Was not surprising these days. That someone(s) would bring a tiny gun to a high round count class IS surprising,  but also comforting that I will probably not be accidentally shot by them. 

If you would,  please continue to update this thread as time permits. Thanks!

Additional info based on questions on the other board I shared this on:

Four of the G17s belonged to cops sent by their agency, two of the G19s were carried by a father/son pairing as were two of the XDs. 

The switch by one student from a -19 to a -34 was because he had it with him & he wanted to shoot it.

The switch from a 9mm Glock to a 9mm M&P 1.0 by an older female was because the Glock wasn’t viable for her, based on size and manipulations.  

The stiff mag release thing on the XD is something they are apparently not interested in ever fixing. It was a known issue when I bought one a dozen years ago and I still randomly hear about it. 

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Interesting.   A number of years ago,  5-7 I think, IDPA used to post who used what gun in the championships.   Not sure if they still do.  Predictably, it was filthy with Glocks.    Seems like the only real top shooters not shooting glock were those sponsored by another brand.   

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I shoot the occasional USPSA and IDPA match at the local level.

Eight or ten years ago there were a lot of guys shooting Springfield XDs and now I rarely ever see one.

Five years ago or so I saw a few guys with Smith & Wesson M&Ps. Now hardly ever. 

It's interesting to see what guns are in common use elsewhere, in matches or at training classes, and what works and what does not.


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Interesting how things have changed  (attitudes, improved choices).  I did Pistol 250 in 1995.  Of the 11 students, all were armed with a .45 (variations of the 1911) except a female LA cop who was using her issue Beretta 92.

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