I want to off-set mount a Deltapoint Pro to my rifle. I searched and found tons of protective mounts for RMRs, Jpoints, etc., but nothing designed for the DPP. It is entirely possible that my googlefu is terribly weak, but for the life of me, I can't find a protective mount for a Deltapoint Pro.

Anybody know of one/source?

Thank you in advance

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Just about all I can find is .... "The lightweight aluminum housing is shrouded by spring steel for the ultimate in ruggedness while the aspheric lens ..."Failing being able to find an add-on protective shroud... if the spring steel shroud is removable.... spray plastidip or Line-X the daylights out of the shroud as a bit of bump protection. Beyond that... I think you're either doing that, or going into arts-and-crafts mode and fabbing something up that will most likely turn the DPP into something way clumsy to hang on a rifle.. particularly on an offset mount.

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Take a look at the Strike Industries REX. 

For some reason I cant get the link to paste....


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