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I don't think I'm over the line with this...came across this today and figured it was worth sharing (yes, I bought one). 

Don't let the URL fool you - the kits are for the entire rifle except the lower receiver, ~$900 delivered in a boutique color, ~$800 delivered in plane black, your choice of 5.56, 6.5 Grendel, .300 BO...for an additional $200, they'll set it up for you.

It's an astoundingly good deal for mid quality AR components...except these are LaRue AR components.  Virtually an entire 2k+ rifle for less than half that.  



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I caved was just too good a deal AND I did just come back from an all expense paid vacation.  I ordered one 18 inch 5.56 in UDE and one 18 inch 6.5 in plain old black (with UDE furniture) that will likely see a rattle can at some point.  1700 dollars in...and only another 200 dollars from having two complete rifles...the way I see it, that's 1900 dollars for two really solid rifles - that's a smoking deal.  

What blew my mind is that you can get 6.5 delivered for $.24 a round if you're willing to shoot Wolf...just something to consider.  

Now I need to buy more optics...

lpd5408 posted:

I got 200 rounds of Hornady 123 gr AMAX (6.5 Grendel) that came in yesterday. Plan on reloading some after that. Question I have and may be more appropriate to ask somewhere else, but can I use my .223/5.56 mags? I have read yes, but have to download and read no I cant.

Everything thing I've read says to use 6.5 specific magazines.  Larue is selling Elanders, Alexander Arms has a couple different models as well.  Check the 6.5 Grendel Forum for real world user comments.  The Magazines were a major issue for the 6.5mm Grendel to start with, I believe that they have gotten past it, but I highly recommend you do your research to confirm or deny my comments.  

Where are you finding loaded 123 gn A-Max?  I'd love to get my hands on some.  Although, to be fair, the Hornady Black 123 gn ELD-M is a smoking deal (assuming it shoots) at around $15 a box.  

I ordered a case of the cheapo WPA stuff to do a bargain brand shoot out between the 5.56 and 6.5 - because the 6.5 is actually cheaper to shoot (and about even for the match ammo).  

I am waiting on "good" ammo at the moment as well as can jam an empty 6.8 SPC mag (not sure on 5.56) in the rifle and enjoy it as a single shot - I did that to test function.  Everything is TIGHT, but it runs just fine.  I just mounted a Viper PST 5-25x50...which looks absolutely comical...but...if it's worth doing, it's worth over doing?  Honestly, the AR-15 is light and handy enough that it actually handles pretty decently offhand when dialed down to just looks absolutely silly.  

I'm still waiting on the 5.56 kit...I am thinking about selling my 7mm Rem Mag just to poach the optic (a Viper PST Gen I in, still comical, just a little less so), heh.  I intend for this to be me GOTO 5.56 and will convert my existing DDM4V1 to 6.8 SPC (probably with a LaRue handguard...also on sale for $209 at the moment...).

Sans Pants posted:

My apologies if this is improper subject matter, I have two set to be delivered tomorrow.  I feel like these deserve better than the Aero lowers I have used in the past. What do you recommend for stripped lowers? 

SMOS used to make the original Larue lowers.  They are sweet and not festooned with all sorts of garish logos:       

This CMT lower is also very nice, also devoid of a lot of lettering and it is ambi:       

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As long as the lower receiver mates to the upper and positions the internals properly, the process used to make it is a non-issue.  In theory, you can exchange forged and billet receivers of multiple makes without practice, of course, different specifications, tolerance stacking or different tolerances all together can create mischief.  There's a tremendous amount of standardization for AR-15s and it's pretty amazing...

Lets do this conversation with bolt guns for fun:

"So, what I want to do is take an McManners stock inletted for a Remington 700 action, throw a Sako action in it, and then mate that up with a Savage barrel, and a AICS magazine with Winchester M70 bottom metal and a CZ 550 trigger."  

Because that would work, right?   Yet many of us do the equivalent of that exact thing with our AR-15s and it works just fine because almost everyone builds key specifications to the same dimensions most of the time.

ELD-M @ 100m
1st Group, 2nd Session (3rd overall), shots 33-35

That's what my first, third, and fifth groups looked like.  Groups two and four were an inch each.  This is definitely shooter limited performance right now - I suspect .5-.75 is roughly what the rifle would do with someone more competent behind it.  Every group so far has been 2+1.  My Chrono data for the ELD-M got eaten, so I need to re shoot that...might do a couple five inch groups and try not to muck it up.

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DJL2 posted:

I keep trying to order my lower...getting an error...must. get. lower.  It'll complete my super cool color scheme where none of the colors match at all...heh.

Call them?  That is what I did, talked with an actual LaRue and placed my order.

I'm kind of upset at DJL2 for originally bringing this sale to our attention.  Thanks to his efforts I'm out 1200.00 and still have to buy a scope, not to mention getting a sufficient supply of 6.5G brass by converting factory ammo to brass, then getting the RL550 set up to load 6.5.

I'm in pain here. 

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