Nerf Herder shared a link to a SSD topic about this rifle. So  it is a 6.3# precision rifle that folds up to ~25".  This is highly interesting to me.

Has anyone here gotten hands on with one? If so, what are your impressions?

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There’s also the mini fix

looks handy.  Could see that possibly working as a quick deploy DMR in low profile situations.


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I have one chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor that I have been shooting for several months now.  It is a lot of rifle especially at its price point. I am highly impressed with it. Using handloads with Hornady 143 grain ELDX’s, it shoots lights out. 

The rifle “feels” great shooting it. It is highly modular and easy to get it to fit you. I love how Q looked at every part and approached it as a problem to solve. 

If you have any specific questions I can attempt to answer them. 9CA98B83-C561-434F-8ED1-D47AE08C8DA39057DF7B-8B79-4B5A-BD07-BB874A85A9BC

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Thanks, CallmeShooter.

I am interested in several characteristics.

Is the recoil inline or is there slight muzzle rise?

Is this a rifle that would perform well in a PRS type match, or is it more of a light precision hunting or General Purpose rifle? 

What role does it fill for you?

The recoil is inline, but I also only shoot it suppressed. It has more recoil than say a Ruger Precision Rifle, but it is supposed to, being it weighs much less. I also think it would do very well in the PRS role, considering weight, accuracy and the overall feel of shooting behind it. 

I use mine as a mid range hunting rig and shoot a good bit of steel with it as well.  So far I have several hundred rounds of handloads through it as of January.  

Hope that helps  


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