Like the title says.  What are you guys using as a zero distance for an RDS mounted on a shotgun using 00 buck?  Are you using the maximum anticipated distance, something less, or in between?

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25 yard zero.   The three shotguns I have with H-1 Aimpoints will shoot Flite Control into a fist-sized hole out to 17-20 yards.  The 12" 870 SBS out to 17 yards, and the Beretta 1301 out to 20.

I know the holds for Brenneke slugs out to 75 yards with that zero.  At 50 yards, they shoot within 2" of the dot.  The Federal DPRS slugs are a little different, they are about 4" off.

Hope that helps.

CWM11B posted:

50 yard zero on my 1301 with T2 

Is that with buckshot or slugs?



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Agree on a 25 yard slug zero will work great for everything you should be using the gauge for.

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