Really extended pistol magazines

Rick R2 posted:

Since starting this thread I’ve picked up an 20 round X Tech magazine for my VP9.   So far I’ve only put 20 rounds through it while at the rifle range.  No issues and it seems pretty solid. Next up I’ll order a BORTAC extension and see which works better for me.

Hell, I may even eventually buy a Glock for all the fun after market toys.  That hurt to write...


It may hurt to write, but the unfortunate reality is that Glock (and to a lesser extent, M&P) are exactly where you need to be if COTS adaptability is important to you.

For reasons I don't understand, and have chosen not to investigate, I shoot Glocks poorly. I'm glad the M&P line came along or I'd still be in the dark ages of USPs with either garbage lights and holsters that fit, or adapter rails and heatgun adjusted holsters that don't really fit. Or, perhaps I'd have come to my senses and learned to be significantly more handy with a Glock.


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