Red Dot Sights for Handguns

RyanScott posted:

Aimpoint is debuting their pistol/SMG sizes MRDS in 6/11. It’s large, but it’s the only closed unit on the market. And it’s Aimpoint. Those Swedes are like Germans, with higher standards.

Curious as to what the mounting pattern is. If I had to guess, a mini-1913 kind of clamping system, based on the very few pictures I've seen on the Internet? Either way, these will be replacing my RMRs, as I have the Type 1s. I've not had any issues that couldn't be solved with a fresh battery, but no matter how you spin it, an open emitter system will be more susceptible to debris. Also, note that the spec sheet appears to have the length and height swapped, based off of the actual pictures of the sight.

Guess Mark will be getting yet more of my business when these things drop.

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I think I will need to see one of the ACRO's in person before I would consider making the switch. First of all I already have two 19 slides milled for RMRs. I'm not sure how the ACRO will fit in the Safariland holsters as well as how it will interface with backup sights. The mounting system seems weird to me, seems like a MOS plate is almost going to be needed instead of a direct mount to a slide based off photos.


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EzGoingKev posted:
theJanitor posted:

Has anyone seen a G43 with a RMR directly milled onto the slide?

I have seen a few pics of people running RMR's on their G43's using an adapter plate.

Grey Ghost Precision has some G43 slides they made for use with the Shield RMS -

Most of the ones I’ve seen are with the Dueck mount. I’ve seen a milled slide but don’t recall who did the machining and it didn’t have an RMR mounted. A  Google search of Glock 43 with RMR cut should reveal something on the images page. 

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Honestly Aimpoint's mounting method is rather bizarre.   It basically removes any possibility of backward compatibility towards current in service handguns.

  While it does allow them to optimize the space the unit takes up -- it is definitely a new slide for those wishing to change - or at the very least a customized mounting platform -- but given the size, you may run into issues trying to have a rear sight on many guns.


Just got the tracking on my FN 509 that was sent to AETI for DPP slide work...

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Does anyone have pictures of the actual Aimpoint mounting interface?  The press release photos and ad material aren't really helping me visualize it. 


I'm either dead right, or horribly wrong. Either way the results should be entertaining.


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cd228 posted:

Does anyone have pictures of the actual Aimpoint mounting interface?  The press release photos and ad material aren't really helping me visualize it. 

Now if we could only get that pesky Dobb's fella to stroll by, anyone seen him?

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