Dates: March 30-31, 2019
Location: Casa Grande, AZ
Venue: Casa Grande PD Range
Cost: $575
Enrollment: Open to Law Enforcement and Military members Only or email

Prerequisite - All participants must have Basic pistol and basic carbine knowledge and operation skills.


This course has been developed to increase the existing individual skills in combat marksmanship and apply them to the low visibility environment. Students will receive training in live fire advanced weapons deployment specific for low visibility operations utilizing specialized equipment to conceal and deploy organic weapons suites in order to enhance lethality and increase survivability.

During this course, students will develop new skills, increase speed, efficiency and accuracy while maintaining a focus on the combat application of each drill and apply them using low visibility techniques and equipment. Students will conduct collective progressive training under instructor supervision in order to gain proficiency prior to the testing phase. The testing phase will consist of students performing skills in gun handling and marksmanship using low visibility equipment and clothing and while under induced stress from the Pro Timer.

Subjects Covered:

1. Carriage of concealed weapons
2. Holster selection and placement for the service pistol
3. Magazine carrier selection and placement for the service pistol
4. Flashlight options & considerations
5. Safety while carrying a concealed pisto
6. Cover garments and clothing
7. Selection & placement of a fixed blade knife for concealment
8. Placement of the tourniquet
9. Body armor integration
10. Deploying the pistol from various positions of concealment
11. Draw and engage targets at varying ranges from concealment
12. Engage multiple targets from concealment
13. Conduct combat & tactical reloads from concealment
14. Introduction and familiarization to the go bag
15. Transitioning to pistol from concealment
16. Check Drills and recovery drills from concealment
17. Combat and tactical reloads using concealment and go-bags
18. Immediate action drills and stoppage clearances
19. Engaging targets at angles & advanced turning procedures
20. Shooting on the Move
21. Skills evaluation – assessment (ORT)
22. Barricaded shooting for room combat
23. Bi-lateral shooting skills
24. Introduction to non-dominant side weapons handling
25. Advanced stoppage clearances
26. Barricaded shooting for urban operations
27. Unconventional shooting positions
28. Introduction to fire and movement in battle pairs Injury
29. Drills with the carbine
30. Application of the TQ in combat
31. RB1 shooting standards

Equipment Requirements:

The following equipment list is considered to be the minimum standard for students to arrive with. Students may augment this list with other personal equipment as required.

1. Street Clothes
2. Concealment Garments
3. Carbine
4. Combat Sling
5. Combat Optic
6. Carbine Magazines (5)
7. Pistol
8. Pistol Magazines (4)
9. OWB/ IWB Holster
10. Pistol Magazine Pouches (2 mags)
11. Rifle Magazine Pouch (1 mag)
12. Fixed Blade Knife (optional)
13. Low Visibility Go Bag
14. Concealment Body Armor with Strike Plates
15. Handheld Flashlight
16. Tourniquet
17. IFAK
18. Eye Protection
19. Ear Protection
20. Sturdy Footwear
21. Hydration

Ammunition Requirements:

Carbine - 1000 rounds
Pistol - 1000 rounds


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