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Advanced Pistol & Rifle Course

(Law Enforcement Only)

Dates: November 26-28, 2018
Location: St. Augustine, FL
Venue: Ancient City Shooting Range
Cost: $695
Enrollment: or email

Prerequisite - All participants must have basic pistol and basic carbine knowledge and operation skills.

Description This course of instruction has been developed to provide students with advanced knowledge and skills in the employment of the duty pistol and rifle.This demanding and fast-paced course is taught is a progressive manner and commences on day one with advanced pistol skills. This pistol module is conducted in isolation in order to enhance weapons handling techniques and procedures as well as increase survivability and lethality with the pistol.Training will then progress on day two with lessons that will integrate both pistol and rifle to enhance skill sets in weapons handling and marksmanship with both weapons.

Students will be assessed on multiple aspects of combat marksmanship throughout the course by way of a series of elementary learning objectives that they will be given during each period of instruction. Students will participate in terminal learning objectives that will be issued on day three of the program and will include individual assessments that will integrate speed, accuracy and weapons handling.

Learning Objectives:

1. Fundamentals of Marksmanship
2. Equipment selection and set up
3. The Redback Shooting System
4. Transferable skillsReady Positions
5. Scanning Procedures
6. The Draw Stroke
7. Trigger Management
8. Sight Management
9. Recoil Management
10. Multiple Targets
11. Target Transitions
12. Surgical Accuracy
13. Rifle Zeroing Procedures
14. Rifle to Pistol Transitions
15. Stoppage Clearances
16. Combat & Tactical Reloads
17. Shooting While Moving
18. Recoil Management
19. Trigger Management
20. Individual Protection Drill
21. Bilateral Shooting Skills
22. Barricaded Shooting
23. Injury Drills Pistol & Rifle Assessments
24. Turning Procedures

Equipment Requirements:

The following equipment list is considered to be the minimum standard for students to arrive with. Students may augment this list with other personal equipment as required.

1. Rifle with Sling and combat optic
2. 4 Rifle Magazines & magazine Carriers
3. Pistol & holster with belt
4. 3 Pistol Magazines & magazine pouches
5. Eye and Ear Protection
6. Appropriate Range Attire
7. Hydration Source

Ammunition Requirements:

Carbine - 1000 rounds
Pistol - 750 rounds

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