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• Course: 5-Day Combat Carbine Operator
• Dates: June 20-24
• Cost: $950.00
• Facility: Academi Training Center
• Pre-requisite: NIL
• Limited Seats so book yours now! 
• Extras: On site lodging, weapons rental, equipment rental, and meals are all available at student request.

Bookings will be through the Redback One webpage:

Enrollment Link is up and running now!


The objective of this course is to increase the existing individual skills of each student in combat marksmanship. Students will be introduced to new concepts and skills designed to increase speed, efficiency and accuracy while maintaining a focus on the combat application of each drill. Students will conduct collective progressive training under instructor supervision in order to gain proficiency prior to the testing phase. The testing phase will consist of students performing individual skills in gun handling and marksmanship while under induced stress from the Pro Timer. 

During this course, students will be introduced to the Redback One Shooting System (RSS). RSS is a complete training system that provides the end user with a consistent approach to the tactical employment of the M4 Carbine and issued pistol to include; carriage, control, handling and operation. By adopting the principles of RSS, the end user will be able to safely and confidently employ both weapons systems to a high degree of speed, efficiency and accuracy while operating in a tactical environment. All RSS techniques are simple to learn and able to be replicated under stress. This is an important part of the methodology as many first responders and military personnel do not have the opportunity to conduct routine training in advanced weapons manipulation. With the Redback Training System (RTS) as the delivery vehicle combined with the instructional capability of the RB1 cadre, end users are able to receive and assimilate the information quickly.  

Demonstration Performance Method:
RB1 cadre will introduce each skill by explaining the purpose of the skill, why it is important to learn and how it can be applied in a combat situation. Students will then receive a demonstration detailing the standard to be achieved. Students will conduct collective and individual practice in each skill allowing them to achieve a proficient standard prior to being tested.


Module 1: General Knowledge
1.Nomenclature & Description
2.Weapon Safety 
3.Disassembley & Maintenance

Module 2: Fundamentals
1.Cycle of Operation
2.Internal & External Ballistics
3.Zeroing & Optics
4.Marksmanship Principles
5.Gear Placement & Weapon Set Up

Module 3: Zeroing
1.Mechanical Zero
2.Natural Point of Aim
3.200 meter Zeroing Practical

Module 4: Marksmanship & Positional Shooting
1.200 meter Marksmanship (prone)
2.100 meter Marksmanship (prone)
3.50 meter Marksmanship (Standing to kneeling)

Module 5: Engage Targets at CQB Distances
1.The Draw stroke & Presentation
2.Trigger control & Sight Management
3.Ready Positions
4.Recoil Management
5.Barrel Sight Offset
6.Shooting in reduced/no light

Module 6: Weapons Handling
1.Transition Drill
2.Check Drill
3.Combat Reload
4.Recoil Management 
5.Multiple Targets 
6.Shooting on the Move

Module 7: Force Protection
2.Use of Cover
3.Power Turns
4.Combat Skills Shoot

Day-5: Evaluation
1.Standards testing
2.Combat skills shoot

Personal Equipment
1. Range attire
2. Sturdy Footwear
3. Duty Belt (complete with pistol holster and pistol/carbine magazine carriers)
4. Minimum 4 magazines per weapon system
5. Eye Protection
6. Ear Protection (Electronic preferred)
7. Handgun with weapon-mounted flashlight
8. AR15 carbine
9. Carbine optic
10. Weapon mounted flashlight
11. Headlamp (optional)
12. Carbine Sling
13. Notebook/Pen
14. Water source

Carbine 1500 rounds
Handgun 750 rounds


Jason arrived in the United States in 2005 after spending 12 years of service with the Australian Army Special Operations Command. Jason represented the very best in dedication to duty and in unwavering support for the United States in combat and Special Operations missions in support of the Global War on Terror. 

Since arriving in the U.S Jason has trained countless U.S Military personnel in pre-deployment training including many elements from the U.S Special Operations Command. 

Jason is now the Director of Training at Redback One, a diverse training company that provides Tier-1 training solutions to the Military, Law Enforcement and private sectors. With his strong military instructor background, Jason undertook a project to develop two critical components of training infrastructure for Redback One. The result was the Redback One Training System (RTS) and the Redback One Shooting System (RSS).

RTS a complete systematic approach to training that is in use by RB1 cadre to analyse, design, develop, implement and evaluate a structured and consistent training product to their clientele. 

RSS is a robust combat shooting system that is designed to systematically train students from entry-level, through to advanced shooters in all elements of competency in combat marksmanship. 

Redback One’s core competency is firearms training and is comprised of 3 levels; RSS Level 1, 2 and 3 and covers pistol, carbine and shotgun. Our Tier-1 cadre provides our customers with advanced tactics training in a wide spectrum of operational areas including but not limited to; Close Quarters Battle, Close Quarters Fighting, Hostage Rescue, Vehicle Counter Ambush, Maritime Interdiction, Protective Service Detail, Counter Terrorist Driving, Instructor Development and more. 

We are a full service company that is registered with the System for Award Management (SAM).


If you would like to book this course for your department or send personnel to this course, please contact our Sales & Training Coordinator to discuss your departmental requirements.

Redback One Sales & Training Coordinator
Phone: +1 (757) 436-2352

For technical questions regarding course curriculum and content, contact our Director of Training. 

Redback One Director of Training
Jason Falla
Cell: (757) 839-8375

Redback One is a U.S company registered with the System for Award Management (SAM).
DUNS: 962690934
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