The Dynamic CQC course has been designed to teach military, law enforcement and select vetted Government Security Contractors the Tactics, Techniques and Procedures of dynamic close quarters room combat. Dynamic clearance forms the basis of all CQB tactics and is seen as the foundation of successful time sensitive close quarters combat. Dynamic clearance course is an essential training module that should be attended prior to other Redback One CQB courses such as Hybrid and Deliberate Clearance Courses.

Students attending this course will receive the most current up-to-date information and TTP's via formal lessons from our instructor cadre who are former Special Operations, Counter Terrorist and Special Mission Unit personnel with extensive training and operational experience in the conduct of close quarters room combat and both domestic and off-shore hostage recovery.

Those who enroll for this course will be sent a complete course instruction that will detail administrative requirements. Students should arrive with all necessary equipment as per the course instruction. All participants should possess an open mind, be physically fit and maintain a positive attitude! 

COST: $695.00
LOCATION: Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Firing Range

Requirements to attend this course: (There will be no exceptions.) 

a. Military Personnel will be required to present their current military ID card for inspection on Day-1 and prior to the commencement of the course. 
b. Law Enforcement personnel are required to present their Law Enforcement credentials on Day-1 and prior to the commencement of the course.
c. Government Security Contractors are to liaise directly with our Director Of Training for vetting in order to register for this course. 

Weapons Quals: All students must be qualified in service/duty handgun and carbine and are to have attended a tactical training course in pistol and carbine conducted by their Unit, Agency or a reputable industry professional prior to registering for this course. 

COURSE SYLLABUS: (Due to the sensitive nature of this course the syllabus only contains the major module headings. For a complete course syllabus please contact our director of training, Jason Falla  

a. Close Quarters Battle Education on Dynamic Entry (2hrs/Lecture)
b. Room to Room Combat (20hrs/PE)
c. Hallway movement, Intersections and Stairwells. (6hrs/PE)
d. Emergency Action Assault Training (6hrs/PE)


The following list shows the elements of competency for the Dynamic CQC Course. 

a. Demonstrate weapons handling proficiency.
b. Display situational awareness as an assault team member.
c. Demonstrate leadership within a tactical environment.
d. Employ dynamic close quarters combat techniques.
e. Participate in live fire multi-room combat practice as part of an assault team,
f. Participate in introduction to Close Quarters Fighting Techniques,
g. Conduct tactical operations in a darkened environment, 
h. Communicate effectively as a team member.

The elements of competency for this course are considered Level 1. The trainee has been introduced to the fundamentals in the skill and has been designed to provide the trainee with basic knowledge only. 


You are to bring the following items of clothing and equipment with you on the course.

a. Primary weapon with magazines, sling, weapon light, optic
b. Secondary weapon with magazines, weapon light, holster
c. Magazine carriers/ pouch (carbine & pistol)
d. Assault Vest & Body Armor 
e. Duty belt
f. Ballistic Helmet (with Velcro on rear)
g. Fatigues/ duty uniform (must have Velcro on both shoulders)
h. Suitable footwear
i. Flash hood (FR fire fighter type)
j. Assault bag (large gear bag)
k. Knee and elbow protection (optional)
l. Hearing protection (electronic preferred)
m. Eye protection (clear & dark)
n. Note book & pen
o. Cleaning kit
p. Water source
q. Flashlight hand held

Trainees will be required to attend the course with ammunition that complies with the training facility limitations.Only the following ammunition is permitted for use within the JSO shoot house:

Carbine - Frangible
Pistol - Frangible 

Trainees should arrive with the following amounts of ammunition for each weapon:

a. Primary weapons - 300 rounds, 
b. Secondary weapons – 100 rounds


We are a full service company that is registered with the System for Award Management (SAM).


If you would like to book this course for your department or send personnel to this course, please contact our Sales & Training Coordinator to discuss your departmental requirements.

Redback One Sales & Training Coordinator
Giselle Falla
Phone: +1 (757) 436-2352

For technical questions regarding course curriculum and content, contact our Director of Training. 

Redback One Director of Training
Jason Falla
Cell: (757) 839-8375

Redback One is a U.S company registered with the System for Award Management (SAM).
DUNS: 962690934

Jason Falla

Director of Training
Subconscious Weapons Manipulation Cold and on Demand®
“We must remember that one man is much the same as another, and that he is best who is trained in the severest school.”

Original Post
That looks a great training experience. Unfortunately it's out of my reach.

It would be great you joining the Panteao crew so those who can't attend your training could learn from you by means of footage.

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Take care, keep safe, stay frosty, brother!

No problems Mohican, understood. I would like to release a DVD at some point for sure.

Jason Falla

Director of Training
Subconscious Weapons Manipulation Cold and on Demand®
“We must remember that one man is much the same as another, and that he is best who is trained in the severest school.”

For sure Fernando Coelho and his crew at Panteao Productions are the way to go for a DVD.

Just for clarification, when I said this course it's out of my reach I mean it's too far away. Living in Spainistan is a problem to get training in the USA. But some day the chance will arrive. For example, I win the lottery, I move to the USA.

Joined: 30DEC08      Location: SPAIN

Take care, keep safe, stay frosty, brother!

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