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Redback One offers the most advanced Hostage Rescue training courses available. Our instructors are former members of SASR and U.S Special Mission Units specializing in all aspects of domestic and offshore Hostage Rescue. RB1 instructor cadre are some of the most knowledgeable trainers in the country in Hostage Rescue with over 20 years of experience. All instructors have extensive real world operational experience.

When failure is not an option, train with Redback One!


This course is designed to teach tactical law enforcement officers and military personnel the tactics, techniques and procedures of advanced hostage rescue.

This training course has been advertised for Law Enforcement and Military personnel only. We understand that specialized private security personnel operating in a civilian capacity may require training in some of the competencies contained within the curriculum of our A-HR course. Due to the nature of the training and TTP's being taught, there is a significant risk of sensitive material being released to non-authorized persons.

The pre-requisite for ALL students attending this course is as follows:

1. Must be a sworn Law Enforcement Officer, active duty military or vetted private military contractor. (Valid LE credentials or DD214 must be submitted.)

2. Must be a member of a tactical entry team.

3. Must have been formally training in close quarters battle techniques by either the military or a law enforcement agency or approved training site.

If you would like to send company personnel to this training we would need to vet each individual for suitability. We vet all students attending these courses by reviewing copies of current law enforcement credentials and military DD214 forms. For all non LE or active duty Military persons, please submit all names along with the appropriate paperwork as specified above on company letterhead with supporting document detailing the reason you need this training.


1. Demonstrate weapons handling proficiency.
2. Successfully complete live fire weapons proficiency validation (IAW RB1 requirements.)
3. Display situational awareness as an assault team member.
4. Demonstrate leadership within a tactical environment.
5. Employ close quarters battle room combat techniques.
6. Participate in live fire multi-room combat practice in a darkened environment as part of an assault team.
7. Employ combative techniques as required in tactical environment.
8. Employ barrier penetration techniques including manual and ballistic MOE.
9. Communicate effectively as part of a tactical team.
10. Assist in tactical operational planning and intelligence gathering.
11. Apply PPE as required during simulated CS gas deployment training.


1. Equipment & Weapon Selection
2. Principles of Close Quarters Battle and Hostage Rescue
3. CQB Tactical Shooting Package
4. Approach Techniques
5. Multi-Team & Multi-Entry Points
6. Room Combat Techniques
7. Planning Considerations
8. Emergency & Deliberate Assaults
9. Staging Area Routine
10. Vehicle Assaults
11. Internal Movement, Communication & Limits of Exploitation
12. Handling Hostages, Suspects & Detainees.
13. Use of Noise Flash Diversionary Devices
14. Manual & Ballistic Breaching Techniques
15. Assaulting through Gas and Smoke.
16. Low Light Assaults Using White Light
17. Intro to Silent Entry Techniques using NVG’s and Lasers


Carbine - 800
Pistol - 500
Simm - 100


VIDEO HEREfrom one of our previous AHR courses conducted in Jacksonville, FL.


Jason arrived in the United States in 2005 after spending 12 years of service with the Australian Army Special Operations Command. Jason represented the very best in dedication to duty and in unwavering support for the United States in combat and Special Operations missions in support of the Global War on Terror.

Since arriving in the U.S Jason has trained countless U.S Military personnel in pre-deployment training including many elements from the U.S Special Operations Command.

Jason is now the Director of Training at Redback One, a diverse training company that provides Tier-1 training solutions to the Military, Law Enforcement and private sectors. With his strong military instructor background, Jason undertook a project to develop two critical components of training infrastructure for Redback One. The result was the Redback One Training System (RTS) and the Redback One Shooting System (RSS).

RTS a complete systematic approach to training that is in use by RB1 cadre to analyse, design, develop, implement and evaluate a structured and consistent training product to their clientele.

RSS is a robust combat shooting system that is designed to systematically train students from entry-level, through to advanced shooters in all elements of competency in combat marksmanship.

Redback One’s core competency is firearms training and is comprised of 3 levels; RSS Level 1, 2 and 3 and covers pistol, carbine and shotgun. Our Tier-1 cadre provides our customers with advanced tactics training in a wide spectrum of operational areas including but not limited to; Close Quarters Battle, Close Quarters Fighting, Hostage Rescue, Vehicle Counter Ambush, Maritime Interdiction, Protective Service Detail, Counter Terrorist Driving, Instructor Development and more.

We are a full service company that is registered with the System for Award Management (SAM).


If you would like to book this course for your department or send personnel to this course, please contact our Sales & Training Coordinator to discuss your departmental requirements.

Redback One Sales & Training
Giselle Falla
Phone: +1 (757) 436-2352

For technical questions regarding course curriculum and content, contact our Director of Training.

Redback One Director of Training
Jason Falla
Cell: (757) 839-8375

Redback One is a U.S company registered with the System for Award Management (SAM).
DUNS: 962690934

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