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YES, I realize these are not 'tactical knives' per se, but I really don't know where or what would be a more appropriate sub-forum for this (*Mod Alert*).  Please move this as you see fit...

I also posted this to the Hill People Gear forum: I'm looking for a solid sheath for a Mora Bushcrafter knife that would allow secure and solid attachment to a MOLLE/PALS field, in my specific case, the bottom of a Hill People Gear Kit Bag.  I want to be able to effect a right or left hand draw, but still be able to count on solid retention in densely scrubby terrain for what would nominally be Search and Rescue applications.  What I've seen offers a vertical draw, but I need something that allows horizontal attachment to the host kit item without dangling or hanging loosely.

Any ideas?  I'm fine with kydex, but would like to keep weight to a minimum.  Thanks in advance for sharing your knowledge and experience.


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@Community Member posted:

YES, I realize these are not 'tactical knives' per se,

... but I need something that allows horizontal attachment to the host kit item without dangling or hanging loosely.


Not tactical?   I didn't think there was anything that a Mora couldn't do.

Sounds as if you might be able to use "scout straps" which are intended to carry a knife horizontal on a belt.   

ESEE Izula Scout Straps - Sagewood Gear

  Easily made from some leather or biothane  and a couple of chicago screws .   Most have pull-the-dot snaps for easy on/off.    

If  don't want the sheath to move horizontally what I do is take something like an ice pick and push it through one of the straps (doesn't cut any of the weave and weaken)  and  insert a chicago screw  or small bolt through the hole and a corresponding hole  made through  the back of scout strap.   The sheath or whatever is now fixed in place.  If I use a small bolt I sandwich the nylon strap between two larger washers to spread the force of drawing over a greater area and not pulling the head through.   

I don't know if that makes the least bit of sense or remotely of use.

You could use zip ties for the same function.  If you go that route, I'll send you enough black biothane to make the straps.  Can't have a LF'er slumming.

The taco style sheaths are much less bulky.

Two ideas.




Thanks for the ongoing advice, sharing of experience and generous offers.

It hit me today that I’d be better off going in a different direction  on this.  The priority is tool retention in a SAR environment, not weapon retention in a hostile environment.  While I change around my Kit Bag contents when I go on a hike with the family, the SAR stuff is pretty consistent.  To that end, I decided to keep the knife inside one of the provided pockets, but still in its sheath.  This method is very easy to access, but keeps it retained inside a closed space regardless of terrain.  It also allows me to use things I already own, like the provided sheath and belt clip, and a spare Malice clip I had laying around.  Here’s a pic for anyone considering anything like this.



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One other way to go is to bolt the sheath directly to the bottom of the bag.

Use a sharpie marker poked through the sheath grommets to mark your holes. Use a solder iron or a hot nail to pierce through nylon at those marks. (The heat will cauterize the nylon preventing traveling of nylon fibers) Then use a few Chicago screws and flat washers to attach the sheath. The flat washers go inside the bag to spread out the pouch load on the nylon shell.

This technique had the advantage of eliminating flop that is inherent in single row Molle attachment configurations.

This is semi permanent, which works well if you have a consistent load that stays packed in the Kit Bag.

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