I'll thank you in here Joe, seeing as I can receive emails at work but can't send them out for some reason.

Armourer's Checklists are always handy things to have around a gunshop.
Originally posted by Psywar1-0:
Is the list on the CD that you get at the Course?

Thats a good form to have in the PDF files library.

I don't know, when I went to the course they didn't hand out any CD's. I just scanned a checklist I had laying around.

Holler if you want what I got... although its in word format not PDF.
@Community Member posted:

Figured I'd post here just to be thorough; Joe, mind sending me a copy for work?

Uh, this is a 13 year old thread and Smokin Joe hasn’t visited LF in 8 years. 

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