Got some hands on time with a Tops/Buck Csar-t yesterday. It is a beast. Really wanted to buy it, but it's too heavy, IMHO, for pocket carry, but probably a good option for a PC or similar carry.



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Another vote for ZT here, 0301ST has been in my pocket daily for about 7-8 years, it has been used on wildland fires from NC to AK, assisted in cleaning deer and elk, done lots of bushcrafting type stuff when its more convenient to use it than taking the time to get another knife or happened to be what I had. It gets touched up once a month or as needed because its a duty knife and as such I try to keep it razor sharp, I never know when I may not get a chance to resharpen for 14-21 days of being who knows where on some mountain, but rest assured that knife is being utilized heavily during that time.

It has never missed a beat or disappointed  me in any way until about a week ago during active shooter training (ALICE). I was wrestling the "shooter" over the gun and took him to the ground ( I know him well), unfortunately I landed on my knife and he landed on me, one of the screws holding the pocket clip on sheared off. cant blame the knife, that was about 370 lbs of muscly dudes landing right on a very small screw at a weird angle, it happens. Im sending it in for warranty service as soon as I can get to the ups place and expect no issues. Unfortunately ZT has discontinued that model which is a crying shame, it wasnt what I would call cheap for a production model but if I ever have a chance at another one I will snap it up for a backup. It's the only folder Im comfortable batoning wood with. Yeah its kinda big but it's thin and has a pretty low pocket signature unless you wear yoga pants or skinny jeans, wranglers/carhartts/bdu's its GTG. Also conceals nicely IWB with dress pants, gym shorts. 

I'll try to remember to update post warranty service. 

ETA- just realized this is a little necro, but whatever, I read WAY more than I post here so when I actually feel qualified to chime in I usually do in case it might help someone out. 

I have many knives including several Strider's,  However, when it comes to a Tactical "folding" Duty knife I always return to the Benchmade barrage.

My rules for a  Tactical "folding" Duty knife are: it must have a 3.65" blade length or greater, be easily opened by either hand in or out of gloves.

The  Benchmade barrage has never failed me or a test listed.

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Coincidentally I recently pulled out my stashed ZT0301. I used one as my "abuse" knife for years up until I sold it in 2012 or so. It's a great knife and takes some punishment.

Here's a pic of all knives I would  call worthy Strider replacements not having owned one.  Although not cheap I really view older 80s -90s high end knives as the most worthy of use. Before alot of knife companies went to tactical/cool EDC knives. 

Left: EK Bowie. Late 80s. Model with sharpened top edge.

Top to bottom
ZT0393SW with scale mod.  I definitely like these scales better than OEM
Al Mar SERE 3002 [3.5 inch blade]
Al Mar SERE 3003 [4.2 inch blade]
Al Mar fixed SERE 6 inch blade

Right: Al Mar SERE fixed blade 7 inch blade



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Al Mars are beautiful  looking and handling knives but the blades are much to brittle.  I’ve broken two.  This was way back in the early 1990s when Al was still alive.  I was abusing them, sure but I’ve done that to many other knife brands without breaking them.

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Update on ZT customer service

Got my 0301 back and it is like new except for the well earned wear marks from years of carrying/using it. It appears they replaced the belt clip and both screws, cleaned and sharpened very well, they may have replaced the assisted opening spring or potentially the very thorough cleaning just freed it up. Either way it opens like new with authority again. Took a few weeks to get it back but well worth it and I'm happy to have an old friend back in my pocket again.  Highly recommend ZT. 

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