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Hello Everyone,

With Strider Knives closing its doors what other knife makers (custom or production) can match Strider's quality and toughness?

I'm interested in suggestions for both folders and fixed blades.

Thank you for your input.


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On the production side, Zero Tolerance seems to have been putting out some nice, overbuilt folders, though these days, I don't really care for overbuilt folders.

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I am going to agree with C Walley on the Halloran fixed blade knives, my Seax is a tank.



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CRKT Sinsei James Williams designs, for both folders and fixed blades. I.E. Hissatsu both fixed and folder. Yukanto fixed, Otanashi Noh Ken folder. Heiho folder for a smaller low profile gentlemanly knife, that is still very capable. 

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Antonius posted:

Hello Everyone,

With Strider Knives closing its doors what other knife makers (custom or production) can match Strider's quality and toughness?

I'm interested in suggestions for both folders and fixed blades.

Thank you for your input.


For folders, if you want toughness, as I do, I'd go with Medfords, Direwares or my personal favorite, Crusader Forge.  I'm hunting for a certain Medford, have a Direware Solo V on order and just got my EDC Crusader Forge VIS-T folder back from a spa treatment.  These things are beasts.  They are large and heavy but I have found the CF easy to carry.  These would be lifetime knives.




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Guy local to me - Nova Blades - makes some really nice folders. He has quite a few designs to choose from.

Big beefy knives, but they are heavy on Titanium so they are quite lightweight but cost a bit more.

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Another plug for Halloran knives.    I had a Benchmade folder for about 18 years before retiring it.   I've replaced it with one of Tom's fixed blades and don't see myself carrying a folder again. 

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Mick is indeed still making production knives, mostly the more common models and in smaller batches, and also customs.

Recently I sent a DB and a EB-T to Mick to get repaired from years of abuse.  They were back in my hands in about 3 weeks and in great condition once again.

Great suggestions above. Another plug for Halloren fixed blades.

ZT and Grayman are my two go to. I want to get a Medford at some point.

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For production folders, add another ZT vote. 

For fixed blades.  Joe Watson is doing some great stuff, and Tom Halloran is solid.  

There are still tons of Strider's out there and Mick is still putting out great stuff.  I don't see this as much of a crisis that can't be easily filled.  

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I carry a ZT folder daily (0556), for the $ they are hard to beat. Super beefy and hold a great edge, maybe the best bet for a mid price working knife?

I also have the Std LF knives...a Halloran (Seax), Joe Watson (Hidden Key) both are great builders and awsome knives.If you want something more in the Strider folder range I have a Hinderer XM18 (these are really amazing folders that don't get much press around here) that is a beast, he does a lot of collaboration with ZT.  

I am experimenting with a new Benchmade from Brad as well and if it goes good may be looking at one of the similarly styled  Colonel knives. There are a ton of great knives out there from other small builders if your into the custom stuff but that can get really expensive...quickly. 

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I'm sure I don't put my knives through the abuse that some of you do, I'm just a cake eating civilian. That said, I'll definitely put in a vote for ZT. I've got a 0350 folder that has served me well for two or three years. I've also got a 0121 fixed blade (I believe it was a Strider collaboration) that is built like a damn tank. I couldn't count how many deer its cleaned and I've never had to sharpen it. It could probably double as a pry bar. 

If you don't like ZT, my next choices would be Benchmade or Emerson. There's always customs, but I can't justify that expense for my uses. 

Another vote for ZT.  0562 (G10 scales -- wasn't sure I was going to keep it when I got the CF version, but I listened to Dagga Boy about it and it is now a favorite that I do not worry about thrashing), 0562CF, 0620CF, 0452, 0452 M390 G10 (a favorite, but just too long for the PRofNYC), 0450 (G10 version, great size for carry in suits).





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I'll add one each to Benchmade on the folder side and Halloran on the fixed. I have a Griptillian thats been used/abused daily for 10+ years. I've worn a good bit of the finish off the blade, but the shape and sharpness are still there.

This is from a non-LE or mil perspective, but I agree with others you can’t go wrong with Halloran, and I sure like Spartan Blades too if your budget allows.

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More stout than a Manix or Paramilitary.  Not necessarily a tank, but thought of this thread after messing with it. 

There’s some info out on the interwebs calling the Shaman a “Stryderco” and comparing it to Strider.  I can see that after the short handling I did at the store.


Only things that I’d say it would need to change:  the G10 handle is pretty smooth and could be rougher, but still not slick like aluminum; and the choil interferes with the compression lock when closed preventing flicking like a PM2 (if you prefer opening this way).

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FMKD by Fox makes some very sturdy knives in N690, I own a Deimos and I am very impressed. I read on the internet that N690 is similar to VG10, my experience is that it performs far better. The only downside to the knife is that it is not the smoothest opening, but after two years of constant use and some abuse, it has zero blade play. It also has a safety button that I do not get the point of, silly really. But other than that great.

I have knives that cost twice as much, but that are no where near as solid. I find it a little big to carry inside the waste band with jeans, but with cargo pants it's fine.

My next purchase will probably be a Fantoni HB01 It seems like a lot of value for money.






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