Interesting bit of research on the impact (or not) of the handgun and holster combination for working cops. This is worth the read. 

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Super interesting. Too bad it wasn't a larger sample size (and then: too bad not even more guns or holsters tried out to extend the findings), seems like it could have been performed with an entire cadre of say people taking their annual qual with only minimal extra time, and the extra participants would be useful to add to the data.

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I found the most relevant thing in all of this is if an officer had done the work to over learn their holster operation and draw stroke to a totally sub conscious mastery.  That is a VERY far cry from “minimum LE standards”.  I won the Top Gun award by a landslide in the largest county in the United States shooting from what is considered the most difficult use holster there is, the Safariland 070.  Same holster that saved my life twice in weapon retention situations.  My draw from how I had my duty rig set up was completely sub conscious and I would draw every day before shift, a practice not only unavailable to most but actually discouraged in many places.  

Much of how I trained cops dealt with using a compromised grip.....because it was often an issue, regardless of holster.

A good duty holster is not a one size fits all proposition, just like handguns.  Yet, we still often use the traditional “everybody uses the same thing” mentality that is a left over from an age when most cops actually did look similar physically and has similar backgrounds.  Totally outdated.  Today, many of the officers who actually need a high level retention holster are the same folks who have issues using them.  Same old tune like a lot of things.  Hardware solutions without software training.  

This is a complex issue that is very low on most police administrations priorities list.  I have yet to see a police administrator or city politician placing a priority on training their officers to a sub conscious level of mastery of basic use of force and lethal force tools.  Until that happens, it is up to individual officers to make that a priority for themselves or suffer the consequences of being trained to absolute minimum standards on a bar that gets lowered frequently. 

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