So, I've been intrigued by chassis rifles lately. Last night after a few drinks, I pulled the trigger on a Ruger RPR .308. The thing weighs a ton so intended use will be range, maybe blasting some coyotes. Realistically, 500 yards is probably my limit. Now I need to find a suitable scope. It's a $1000 rifle, so I'd like to limit the cost of a scope to somewhere around the cost of the rifle. I've been looking at the Bushnell HDMR II with an H59 reticle.  Anyone have any time with one of these? Any other suggestions in this price range would also be appreciated.

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I have an HDMR (gen 1 I guess, not the II) with the H59 on a 308.  It has been a good scope in its limited use.   The glass is good.    I like the locking turrets (lift to turn - simple and easy to set).  Return to zero is accurate, but I don’t have a zero stop.   I tall- target tested it and found tracking to have about 2% error in the turrets, e.g. 10 Mils elevation was about 37 inches at 100 yards instead of 36.   Holding with the reticle was spot on.   The optic is certainly not responsible for any of my misses...

There is a lot to learn with the H59 reticle and I believe it was designed to work best with 308 at 308 distances.   I don’t think my next PR scope will be a Horus though.

Major John Plaster had it and offered it to sell it to me.  Couldn’t pass that up!

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I'm way more of a fan of the G2 and G3 reticles in the Bushys, but the DMR2 is a good scope for $1k. Not sure if you have one or not, but CameraLand NY had a deal going for a DMR2 and a Kestrel Sportsman for $1050 a while back, so you might want to look for that.

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