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I remember hearing about this company about 5 or so years ago, I only knew them for their rail systems. I was surfing around, and noticed that they also make barrels and bcgs. I've been toying with the idea of replacing my standard BCM 16 inch carbine barrel and bcg with a CHF middy and starting anew with a replacement bolt. Are these guy worth the money, or should I stick with a known quantity like BCM? I've searched around here, but all the results I'm getting are in regards to Centurion's rail system.

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The guy who owns Centurion is a Navy SEAL.  He doesn't sell any shit.  All his products are top of the line.

I believe his CHF barrels come from FN.  Most bolts and bolt carriers you see being sold come from a handful of manufacturers, several of whom supply OEM companies.  I'm talking about firms like  I'm not sure where Monty at Centurion gets his BCGs from,  but I'd bet they come from a reputable manufacturer.

Outfits like BCM go the extra mile to make sure that what they receive from their sub-contractors is indeed up to spec.   To me that is worth the the slight premium that they charge.

All this being said, unless you are a very high volume shooter and your standard barrel is reaching the end of its useful life, swapping to a CHF barrel is kinda silly.  The extra money, time and expense of swapping barrels is better spent on ammo....and shooting your excellent BCM barel and BCG.


I have both a barrel and a BCG from them, and they've worked fine so far; I've never heard of any issue with either part from Centurion, and I personally would have zero issue recommending them over BCM given all the feedback I've heard about them. I suspect that BCM uses the same supplier as Centurion, which is FN, and the only differences lie in the specs and QA/QC demands, and I find found the 11.5" barrel specs from Centurion more compelling for my planned final AR-15 build, given the double chrome thickness (à la Noveske) and and tapering of the bore. Anecdotally, I've always heard about great accuracy from Centurion Arms barrels, with people claiming that the Centurion Arms barrels are outshooting BCM BFH barrels, or even BCM SS410 barrels... anecdotally. Also, Centurion used to have barrels that would have smaller gas ports than BCM barrels of the same length, not sure if that's still true, or even desirable for your application.

They're seen as a quality brand over on M4C, even if the BCG does not undergo HPT, and only MPI; Centurion Arms is usually held up as being a quality brand that does not HPT whenever the debates about HPT for BCGs come up (KAC being the other quality brand that also does not HPT).

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The reason why I'm wanting to swap is, well, I got an itch for a middy that I can use the hell out of. Not that I haven't gotten excellent service out of that carbine gas barrel and bcg from BCM - the barrel has seen around 20k, and same with the bolt, which has surprised the living hell out of me. I fully expected the bolt to have broken by now, either one of the lugs near the extractor to crack or break, or a crack to appear at the cam pin hole.  I've only had to change out the gas rings once thus far, which I also have found kind of surprising.

I'd like to become more of a shooter like how I was 5 years ago, which I'm hoping to remedy in the coming year or two by starting to reload. With a firing schedule that's, hopefully, going to increase, I'm looking for something that can take a beating and, if I'm being honest with myself, this is to also spoil myself as well.

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