While I was researching the Halloran SEAX, I came across ESEE knines. Don't know anything about them, other than what I've been reading. They seem popular on the EDC forums, specifically the ESEE-4. Obviously, not in the same class as the Halloran, but at first blush appear to be a solid 3/16" working knife.  I *need* something to hang with the cool kids on the TX hunt , but I really want the SEAX.



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ESEE knives are the only fixed blades I'll carry. I've owned almost all of the original line up Izula to Junglas, and I've narrowed my collection down to the Izula II for EDC, the CM6 for my warbelt, and my Junglas gets strapped to the ruck/AP every once and a while, depending on what Im doing. Those three knives also get used in the kitchen a lot, and with field stripping and skinning a white tail last year.

I have owned some Busse knives, KA BAR, TOPS, Kershaw, etc, but I keep going back to the ESEE line. The 1095 steel is easy to sharpen, the heat treat from Rowen is outstanding, making a strong knife that will hold up to some seriously stupid shit. I've seen them bend a Junglas in excess of 60 degrees in a vice.

If you look hard enough on blade forums, a dude stood his ground against wild hogs with a Junglas (which is damn near a short sword) when he ran out of ammo. He won.

These knives are not expensive, but you can be as confident in them as a 400 dollar knife, and will be less likely to baby it. They also come with good sheaths out of the box, which isn't usual for higher end knife makers.

As you may see, I'm a fan (but in no way affiliated). If you have questions I'll do my best to address them.

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You do want the SEAX. I am on year seven with mine. It is one of very few pieces of gear I still have and like after the initial use interval. Tom is a real user of knives and it shows up in his designs. 

Depending on what you want, the SEAX can be understated or it can be dolled up with fancy wood scales- Tom is pretty handy.

I will say that the SEAX benefits best from a leather half grip scabbard. Its shape doesn't jive with kydex real well.

As for the ESEE, Scott and Evan Hill have good things to say about them, and they are also real users of outdoor equipment and spaces. Scott posts here as "8th" occasionally, but they have a solid forum:


A little searching there will turn up some info on the ESEE series.

I've got an Esee  CR2.5 in my pocket right now.    I've carried an Izula or Izula 2 for the past few years and they , with the CR2.5 have replaced slipjoints for me.

Steel is 1095 so it isn't some super duper made with a meteorite steel.  Sharpens easily and that is a bigger priority than something that may hold an edge slightly longer, for me.  

There is a big jump in blade thickness from  the Esee 3 to the 4, so if you like a slicer go with the 3.   The 3 is the largest Esee that I have for that reason and it is stout enough for me but then I don't use a knife where a pry bar is needed.   Of course I wouldn't turn down a 4 if I ran across one at the right price.

Unless you have serious large hands give the Esee JG3 a look. Probably my favorite knife.  Just a good solid performer with a great overall design.  It looks like it would not be comfortable hold but doesn't work out that way.

You'll probably find that  Esee will need a slightly lower bevel for best cutting

Also, give a look to the Ka-Bar Becker 16.  Tremendous all around knife.   


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Have an Izula and had an ESEE 3 (stolen off my desk at work - they are nice, so keep an eye on yours...).  The Izula was a good neck-worn knife when an advisor in A'stan. Still keep it for handy work on my boat.

The Esee 3 is a great knife.  I recommend the canvas micarta grips.  I need to get another.


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  Check out www.bladeforums.com   Some really good deals on knives that more often than not are NIB.  Great place.  I have seen a ton of ESEEs for sale there.



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I've owned a couple of Izulas, a 3, 5 and Laser Strike. A stainless 4 is on my short list of fixed blades.  The 3 performs way above it's size, the Izzys are great for edc and the 5 is a tank.  I didn't care for the shape of the LS, but more so it didn't fit my needs.  The 1095 does need some care to keep it rust free.

The owners are good guys, no BS and have a great warranty.  I'd love to get into one of their training classes.





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tankersteve posted:

The Esee 3 is a great knife.  I recommend the canvas micarta grips.  I need to get another.


I wholeheartedly concur.  I have an Esee 3 on my raid belt, and I've done a lot of armed "gardening and weeding" with it.  It holds an edge really well, despite the number of times it's been in the dirt.

ESEE makes good knives and they will definitely last. Having met and trained with Jeff I can not just back the knives but also the company. That being said I’m more into the traditional/ primitive side of bushcraft so my current knife isn’t a ESEE but a Jeff White. Good blade, 90 degree spine and a beautiful wooden handle.

Got the wife an ESEE 3 so she'd stop stealing my Suenami.  It's a good blade, I'd carry it.


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I EDC an ESEE Izula II and use an ESEE 4 for hiking and hunting.  I keep trying to tell myself I don’t need a Junglas...

They are great knives for the price and won’t let you down.  Be aware that there are a LOT of counterfeit ESEE knives out there so beware of “too good to believe” deals.  

Lots of great reviews out there on all the ESEE knives. The JG3 that Stray Round mentioned has really caught my eye. My only concern is the 0.125" thick blade. For the range of things I'm looking to use it for, I'm worried about snapping the blade, hence why I was looking at the SEAX to begin with.

There is always that LF possibility of getting both



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I have an Izula as my bench utility knife and had a 6 years ago, they are great knives. I also have a Haloran Seax, it is much nicer. You won’t go wrong with either brand.

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