Any feed back on this round?

Looking for a replacement for the ADI 168gn SMK I use now that I'm pushing the range out- while trying to avoid reloading.

Federal's website suggest there is no ballistic difference to their FGM308M2.

Someone else suggested it's surplus contract M118LR.

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KUTF posted:

For pure accuracy, hard to go wrong with FGMM/SMK loading.... as long as terminal ballistics aren't a concern.  

Just putting holes in plastic on a class range.

Besides, the stuff is cheap as far as things go here: 6 cents around more than the ADI168SMK.

KUTF posted:

Buy a box and see how your gun likes it.  I doubt you'll be disappointed with its accuracy. 


Same here.

There is but a pallet of it...after that no more.

So me & Mr Visa might purchase a k of it & try for another bite later if it does OK.

The Hornady 155gn steel cased match is also about cheap...might buy a box to see how that prints.

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