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I bought my wife a Colt 6920 awhile back that she had been asking for.  Working through some basic TTPs in dry practice it has become obvious that the lightweight Colt 6720 with a pencil barrel would have been a better choice.  The only accessories will be a light and an Aimpoint.

As I would like to use the 6920 upper for another build I would like to either acquire a 6720 factory upper or a high quality upper built to spec with similar weight characteristics.   My research has yielded mixed result.  My searchfu is weak.

As I have been using LMT MRPs for several years I have been out of the market on upper builds for awhile.

Can anyone suggest a vendor that stocks 6720 uppers or a solid lightweight alternative?

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I am a big fan of the BCM uppers with the lightweight 14.5" mid-length. Depending on the rail, this set-up weighs only slightly more than a bag of potato chips.  Way less perceived recoil as well.  Add one of their comps pinned and welded and you got something.

Then again, that's just me.  You may not dig it.


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If you really want lightweight, the various light profile barrels offered by BCM in conjunction with their KMR system are hard to beat. A 14.5 midlength or 16 midlength will serve her well. And BCM's Keymod rail covers are THE ones to get.

I know that KeyMod is controversial in some circles, but I think KeyMod is still a great system, as long as you are not a dumbass when you mount accessories.

I am slowly transitioning to KMR on most of my uppers- It is a great system, that really compliments the AR FOW.

444C300E-9C9D-41E0-8DB1-CE21BC0495E6I have a BCM 14.5” EWL w 13” KMR that can be held at arms length like an old school bullseye shooter (Camp Perry style) and have made hits on full size steel at 100 Y with it like that...they are amazingly light and easy to handle.

I used at a class last year to break and rake a laminated side window in a auto breaching demo and the Arisaca mount stayed firm with no damage to it or the tube (the impact was hard enough to push the Fury in it back a 1/8th”), I have no issues with the durability of keymod attachments or the original magnesium KMR tubes...and the aluminum ones are supposed to be even stronger.

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