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I currently work as a Contracted Armed Security Professional for the U.S. Govt. 
I am issued a concealable Level IIIA vest that is white in color. The carrier has to be white in order to be worn on duty. 

Due to the cultural climate and general attitude towards uniformed persons carrying a gun and wearing a badge I have decided I would like to up armor myself with  Level III +/Special Threat plates.

My issued armor carrier cannot accommodate hard plates of any decent size, (it has the heart 6x8" plate pocket in the front and thats it)

After using my Google-Fu and contacting several custom tactical gear makers, and big name companies  like Blue Force Gear I haven't come up with anyone offering a concealable hard rifle plate carrrier that is available in white in color.

So in short I need a concealable hard armor carrier that can accomadate either a 10x12"  plate size or medium SAPI plate front and back .

If anyone has any leads or suggestions for me on carrier options, or recommendations on level III + plates that are NOT steel, weigh less than 4 lbs each and are under 1" thick I would appreciate it. 
I am currently leaning towards the DFNDR Armor offerings. 

Velocitas, Opprimere, 
Violentia Operandi

Original Post

I'm looking to get a custom carrier to put into my outer vest carrier for work and will be hitting up Beez as well. Our department issues Second Chance vests that have two front pockets (standard 5"x8" and 7"x9"). I have the (Safariland) Protech IMPACT RT + 7"x9", but when inside the vest since I have one it's front heavy as hell. Ideally I'd like to use my armor hangar since my locker is kind of small but using steel conflicts with that.

Talking with a few guys who went the Dyneema route that bought theirs from this manufacturer:

Then bought the plates from Botach (infamous wait-times from years ago, not sure about now) from the link below. Those plates are 2.8 lbs each with 1" thickness.

I wish the SKD LVBC came in white...

Regarding plates:

They're a touch over 4lbs, but they also stop things the SPPs won't while still being thin.


ETA: I have 10x13s. They're 5.25lbs WITH backers. Forgot to get a weight WITHOUT backers. Oops.

0.70" at the thickest, 0.60" once you're far enough into the middle that the cover stops overlapping.


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SFF posted:

Another vote for the Tyr HA 3/7 Plates. 

I have the 10x12 size.   $340 each plate is the good guy price. 

IIRC, mine are 3.7 lbs and with the cordura cover,  about 0.7" thick. 


Could you have a tailor modify your existing armor carrier to fit plates?

I could, but then I would get charged for the cost of the vest at turn in time. 

How did you swing the $340 price point? Everything Im seeing is closer to $400 apeice before taxes and shipping. 

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SFF posted:

$340 is the LEO price from Tyr.

Could you buy an extra carrier and have that modified?

They're easy to swallow at $500/ea - $340 is a steal. Considering what the HA3/7s have to offer, and they're worn with a backer anyway in your case, fuck the SPPs.

Speed Plate Plus (10x12, 5.1lbs) rifle ratings:

  • 5.56 M193
  • 5.56 M855
  • 7.62x39 MSC



TYR HA3/7 (10x12, 3.62lbs) rifle ratings:

  • 5.56 M193
  • 5.56 M855 (and SS109)
  • 5.45x39mm (I believe MSC)
  • 7.62x51 M80
  • 7.62x39 MSC


 I would prefer not to have to run backers in the interest of keeping things low profile. 

Beez can't do a solid white carrier. 

Going to wait until Tuesday to call Mayflower/Velocity Systems, SKD, First Spear, Chase Tactical, Blue Force Gear, Extreme Gear Labs, Grey Ghost Precision,  and Tactical Tailor. 

If none of these guys pan out I will looking into obtaining a spare soft armor carrier and having a plate bag sewn into/onto it. 

Aren't you wearing 3A anyway? While not official, that should serve as a functionally acceptable backer for the Tyr plates.

If you can do BALCS, I'd offer (or threaten) to do some things you wouldn't want anyone else to find out about to obtain one of SKD's LVBCs in white.

I had a suit on so lots of layers and noise in front, but I think I could have had at least a front plate without anyone noticing. I try not to talk out of my ass too much, but they're stupidly comfortable and actually conceal better than the concealment vest I had which was sent back multiple times for refitting.

I believe it was Longeye who suggested the concept. Seems good.

Mayflower was going to be my first suggestion,  (in theory) they could do a custom LPAC for your IIIA panels with the requisite plate pouches.  As long as they can do white...


I know the Velocity ULV plates and backers had slick white carriers back in the day and they can still be found, but they are still zesty.


Maybe Deliberate Dynamics, Ferro Concepts or Perroz Designs for custom work?

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