Bumping this as I too am curious about overall quality, glass clarity, reticle brightness and durability  etc

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I have two.  

I am very satisfied with the glass. I don’t have a deep frame of reference but a couple snipers from work said the glass is very good. I don’t notice any distortion around the edges. 

The red dot is bright. Easily day light bright. 

They are both relatively new so I haven’t beat the hell out of them. I don’t know they are Razor type “bomb proof” or not. The few issues I have seen on the web are more defect related. 

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I have one (the 1-4), and echo GGammell's comments. I'm sure that there are lighter scopes, I'm sure that there are cheaper scopes, and I'm sure that there are clearer scopes with better reticles and eyeboxes -- but I'm not convinced that there's anything out there right now that maximizes all three quite as well.

Somebody over on P&S commented a while back that they've started recommending these over the PRO as their go-to entry-level optic. Don't remember who it was, though, so that may be absolutely worthless (I already owned and like mine when I read it).

Yeah, that seems to be the thing.  This thing does a pretty decent job at a few things, which is weird in and of itself.  But at that price point, it's like Steiner gave the rest of the industry the finger.

“They were two douchebags who met in the normal course of being two douchebags.” - Sully, Third Watch

I have two, one I got recently, the other I’ve had for about a year.

I like it a lot. Still getting used to a LVPO vs RDS but I am getting there.

For the money, I don’t think there is a better entry model into the LPVO world.

It has a clean reticle, with just a plain red dot which I like since I use it just like a RDS - I zero at 50 and use holdover 25 yards and in. I prefer the simple red dot vs all the glowing donuts and stadia lines some of these optics have.

It is worlds above the Vortex Strike Eagle or any of the Primary Arms. 

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I just sold my P4xi to High Exposure but I'll speak on it. 

The P4xi was my entry into LPVOs as a replacement for red dots, especially on my duty rifle. My first P4Xi I absolute loved. Its daylight bright, has very good glass, good weight for a lpvo, except I broke it after about 500ish rounds at most. I don't know how I broke it, it just broke literally between one shot and the next. One shot everything was crisp and clear and the next it looked like I was looking through fog. A piece of glass or something inside had come loose and with every shot it would bounce in and out of the correct spot. I never hit the optic against anything, I never dropped it, it was never abused. So either it wasn't very durable or I just ended up with a lemon. 

I sent the optic to Steiner for an RMA. Initial email from them I believe said 2-4 weeks. At 4 weeks I called them and asked whats up and was told it was slated to be replaced but their warehouse had none in stock and was unable to tell me a date of when. At week 6 I called again and asked and was told the same thing. I ended up ordering a Vortex Razor as I had sold myself on the LPVO and clearly wasn't getting the Steiner back anytime soon. 

At 10 weeks I ended up getting the optic back from them. It was brand new but I no longer had a need for it so High Exposure gets to enjoy it now. 

All in all I'd still recommend the P4Xi as a way to get into LPVOs on a budget. It isn't perfect and I suspect durability is where Steiner cuts the cost on this scope but it seems to work fine for everyone else that's run them harder and longer than I did. 


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