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I used a Ronin Senshi Belt for about the last year. Had an Esstac 2x1 pouch of the left, a BFG micro dump pouch behind it, a BFG micro trauma kit with tourniquet hammock on the back, then a custom Safariland (suppressor, optic, light) holster for my Glock 19 on the right on a mid-length ride with a leg strap for added stability. 

Recently, after driving around in armored vehicles for quite a while, getting caught on shit, getting stuck in doorways, and generally being uncomfortable, I stripped everything off of my waist to include the Ronin belt. I felt like wearing two belts (inner velcro belt and outer MOLLE belt, which is like 4-5 thick layers of material) was hampering my movement and it was also way heavier than rocking a rigger’s belt through my pants belt loops like normal. 

I ended up just putting a high-ride hip-height attachment on my holster, and took everything else off my belt. Moved to a Phokus IFAK under my front plate. 

Definitely more mobility and slicker. But tonight I was messing with my Ronin belt and tried to see if I could it the outer MOLLE belt through my pants belt loops. It works. It’s quite stiff, heavier, and thicker, but it’s an interesting idea to me. I can’t seem to figure out if running the Ronin outer MOLLE belt directly through my combat pants is a better option than a normal riggers belt. 

The rigger’s belts I use are a Valkor  or a SOE belt. They have both been absolutely bomb proof. I have beaten the absolute shit out of them for 2 years and they work and look like new. But again, I’m wondering if the functionality of running the stiffer and thicker Ronin belt direct into my pants is a better option. 

Pros as I see it:

-MOLLE attachment capability

-No inner belt to deal with or velcro that shifts and needs to be lined up

-A little lighter with no inner belt

-Very stiff, prevent sagging?


-Still heavier than a rigger’s belt

-TOO stiff??

-Belt loop attachments are available for all of the pouches I would use anyways and tend to be much more secure (Esstac polymer belt loops are way better than the WTFix straps)

Does anyone have any experience doing this? Any sweet belt setups? Thoughts?

Send ‘em. 

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I have tried to like war belts and inner/ outer belts for a long time... and I have bunch of them piled up in my gear / gun room. Conceptually they make a lot of sense. In use....for me they never seem to work out. Anymore I just run my g code holster drop on my pants belt along with a esstac double pistol mag pouch on the opposite side and a BFG dumper ( that I never really use) right behind it. Everything else is on my plate carrier or chest rig depending on what I'm doing... Currently my go to's are Mene Gene Leather and some older first spear AGB's and Aries Gear Aegis belts depending on if I'm in uniform or not. Garrison  belt is a old Specter gear riggers belt, honestly it has done fine service inadvertently before as well...

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Same here...I still rock a wilderness 1.5 belt. I have had so many duty belts and always get rid of them. I just got issued a Bianchi duty belt with’s just sitting on my desk. I put everything on my vest....

im watching this post!

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