And I mean UBER cheap sniper rifle [for killing varments!]

I got sick of paying for 223 so I decided to start stocking up on 22LR. I ended up getting about 12000 rounds before I ever bought a 22.

I was looking to get a Ruger 10/22 but I went to and found that Remington made the 597. I kept waiting to get one and then lighting struck.

Dicks Sporting Goods had an exclusive run of 597's made with an OD stock. How could I pass that up? When I went to get it, there was even a rebate! I got the rifle [the scope came mounted and boresighted with it,]and 2 extra mags.

I picked up a new scope out of the bargain bin at Gander Mtn. Its a Bushnell Banner Wideangle that retailed at $89.

I then picked up an "Outdoor Connection" Super Sling from the local Farm & Fleet (its a regional store...)

Lastly, I got a "Rock Mount" 6" to 12" bipod from Wally World. It's pretty much a Harris knockoff.

The only "gunsmithing" I did was install some Uncle Mikes Sling Studs.

Out of the box, it shot awesome. I put about 25 rounds down range to dial it in at 100yrds. It has a crisp break on the trigger and a relativly short length of pull (had to readjust the scope for the correct eye relief.) Mags are the newer steel ones that hold 10 rounds. (there is a 30 rounder out thereWink and they are released by a slide on the right side of the rifle. Barrel is 20" long and weight isn't even a concern. Accuracy is awesome. It isn't sub MOA but it will take out a squirrel all day at 100yds. Depending on the rounds used, I can sometimes see them going down range and impacting.

Now for the price breakdown

Rifle: $145
Sling: $20
Scope: $20
Sling Studs: $12

My UBER Tactical Cheap Sniper Rifle for under $200 Bones...

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Original Post
Very nice! I have been shooting my .22 a lot more since the price of .223 is up there...


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How ya feelin about the 597? I saw the same deal you're talking about and almost pulled the trigger on it "just because" (I don't have a rimfire at all right now).

Hmmmm, 30 round mags for it sounds good too, though 20 might be better.

I just may have to revisit the 597 idea.

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Been waiting for a 22LR thread, gonna have to post my pics of mine later. Nice rifle, use mine for varment's as well, only its a ruger and not a 597.

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Originally posted by weaver1032:
How ya feelin about the 597? I saw the same deal you're talking about and almost pulled the trigger on it "just because" (I don't have a rimfire at all right now).

Hmmmm, 30 round mags for it sounds good too, though 20 might be better.

I just may have to revisit the 597 idea.

For the price, you can't beat it. I've never owned a 22 and this was my first crack at something that wouldn't kill the checkbook. I figure I can pass it down to the kids in the long run. For now, its a plinker that gets me out to the range without killing my bank account.

Overall. I'm keeping it for the Apocolypse so that I can take game without creating a cloud of myst when I shoot a meal...

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I have an early 597 with a Bushnell 4-12 scope on it. The rifle has incredible accuracy potential - with Wolf match ammo, I can shoot <0.250" 5-shot groups at 25 yds.

It REALLY likes to be shot hot, though - the only way to get a really tiny group out of the thing is to burn 5 rounds into the berm really fast, then try to get the other 5 out pretty quickly before the barrel cools down. Slow fire groups aren't nearly as impressive.

I had to do some serious mods to the stock when I first got it - multiple barrel pressure points along the sides, every time I cleared one another became evident. The whole barrel was getting forced to the left by the stock. The trigger leaves a LOT to be desired, but Volquarsten has a kit available I'll get one day.

Good rifle, but not the ultimate. I'm looking seriously at some of the Savage heavy barrel bolt actions for my next .22s - I'm thinking one with irons and one with a scope, use them to train up my granddaughter in a few years.

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I have a 597 that I bought at Wallyworld. It's the best-feeling .22lr that I've handled, the Marlins and Rugers feeling as though they were designed for small people. On sale for $150, plus a $20 rebate, you really can't pass it up. WW even stocks spare mags for it and I was sure to pick up two extras.

My model has the camo stock and iron sights (just can't wrap my mind around a rifle that doesn't have irons!)

Very comfortable rifle.

I tried a Bushnell scope on it, but didn't like the lower power and "borrowed" a friend's 20x Simmons(?) for shooting at 50yd. I have bad eyes.

Accuracy potential is there, but I've only been able to wring out reliable performance using Wolf 40g Match ammo. Said ammo is very scarce and pricey, but still cheaper than .223 fodder!

There is a lot of talk on arfcom about unreliable extraction, but I haven't had a single malf and I've not yet cleaned the rifle.

Weaver's right in that the stocks are not the best out there. Of course, what can you expect for such an inexpensive rifle?

Opening the barrel channel is my project for tomorrow. I've been saying that I'm going to do it, and just never get around to it. I'd also like to cut the stock a bit and rebuild it with epoxy and bondo to give it more of a McMillan stock feel.

I'm also planning on either working on the action a bit or buying the Volquartsen hammer to help with the trigger. Other than that, I really can't see anything else that "needs" to be done.

The 597 is the next 10/22, imo. It's a good platform and just needs time to get into the market.

When reason fails...

Very nice setup. I have a Ruger 10/22 that has a similar setup. It is much less painful on the wallet to spend a day at the range with than my AR.

Without turning this into a rimfire thread I wanted to make the observation I have noticed HUGE variations in accuracy depending on the ammunition used. I went to the local Gander Mountain and picked up ~10 different brands and styles of ammunition to measure accuracy and reliability. At 50 yards the 10 round groups ranged from a 3.5" with Peters to .25" with Federal Spitfires.

Very nice looking rifle. Just think, every time you go to the range with it you're actually SAVING money!
Nice plinker Rally. I've had a 597 for a couple years now, got it for $100 at Bass Pro.
My overall thoughts is it's okay. Accuarate yes, but will only reliably feed & extract CCI ammo.
I've tried a few bulk boxes of Federal and Remington both with issues. I wish I would have bought a 10-22.
I had one that I just recently sold. The volksquartsen hammer is a great upgrade, it cuts the trigger weight to a crisp 4 pounds(ish). Easy do it yourself install too, tutorial on how to do it on rimfirecentral. I bought the VQ extractor as well but never installed it, my 597 never had a problem extracting -used win, fed, and some of the cci offerings.
We may as well get a rimfire thread going...

Picked up my 597 last spring, and didn't do anything with it until last fall. Although I think I could be better off with a composite stock, my wood one still delivers decent accuracy. I'll try to throw up a pic of sight-in target I was messing with.

The blck plastic mag that came with the rifle went into the trash the first time I fired it. The metal ones work best, but she needed some decent lube to contend with the dirty .22 rounds.

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I tried a Marlin 981T before getting the 597, and the difference is night and day. With the mag tube on the 981T, you'll always have to work just a bit harder to get those accurate shots - even though it's a bolt action.

The 597 also had the edge in that the stock was much better proportioned. The 981T seems built for a child and has a very sharp comb that was unbelievably uncomfortable after any length of time.

Next move is to see about stiffening the forend of the 597's plastic stock so it doesn't flex when I sling up. Then I'll start cutting on the stock to enhance the pistol grip area.

Gotta love backyard gunsmithing!

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Just an FYI,

I've got an early run 597 in the safe thats in pieces. There were some serious voids in the reciever casting and the right hand side broke where the barrel mates up to it.

Should get around to getting a new reciever, that thing outshot my 10/22 until the breakage.
Originally posted by VaughnT:
Next move is to see about stiffening the forend of the 597's plastic stock so it doesn't flex when I sling up.
I've heard of some good results by people cutting carbon fiber arrow shafts and putting them into the stock, then filling with epoxy or Acroglas.

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I've got the 597 with a heavy barrel and laminate stock. Slapped a VX-II 3-9 and a Harris bi-pod and it's a tack driver. $500 total into it with a Stephen copied paint job.
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so al yu guy talking about you2 .22lr "sniper" rifles but only one guy put up picks. a damn shame.

Here is my Marlin 60, first gun i ever bought about week after i turned 18 for $97. It is krylon OD with a Barska 4X32 illuminated retical scope. I haven't really ever measured the groups it has made. I have only every shot bulk packed 22lr out of it but when I used a army zero taarget when i added the scope like 4 years a go and it had nickel size groups at 25 ish meters.


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Been on a rattle can rage lately...Aumahyde 2 and krylon is covering everything I can I tried out a pattern on my old .22 Remington Viper from when I was a kid....wish I would have done it then cuase I think it came out pretty good.

Very nice set up Rally. Since you didn't mind others posting their guns, here goes mine and its story. I went parallel to your route.

Last summer I started to put together an arsenal of .22LR long guns. One was acquiring the Ciener conversion kit to allow me to practice cheaply with my AR. I was also looking for a rifle to practice shooting at 100yds or longer. After looking online at various options, I went to Dick's to look at the selection of .22. From the Ruger 10/22s, rifles similar to your Remington, Marlins and Mossbergs. I didn't want to deal with semi autos and want to stick with bolt action for simplicity and reliability. The Mossberg Plinker ith black polymer stock was on sale for $129! I ordered a Tasco 4x16 power scope from Midway for $90 shipped and scope rings for $20. So the total package cost around $250 (with tax). I had to remove the rear sight as the huge scope tube didn't clear it due to the low right mounts.

Shooting it was pure pleasure. Zeroing at 100 yds, the best group with Federal 550 bulk ammo from Walmart was around 2.5". Some ammo produced larger groups. 200 yd shooting is still a work in progress Smile Groups are more like a foot.

Here are a couple of pictures.

Piss on golf.

Just back from the shop where I spent the last few hours scraping the stock to free float my 597's barrel. The amount of flex in the plastic is amazing, and not in a good way.

When I started, a dollar bill wouldn't slide two inches. Now, I can get that same bill to slide all the way to the receiver. There's one spot that's slightly tight and I'll dress it down a bit more before I add the epoxy to fill all the voids.

Even though I was careful to remove only as much material as was needed, there is still a ton of play in the forend. I'm hoping this will be nixed with the addition of some epoxy and a carbon-fiber arrowshaft (thanks, Weaver!)

Overall, a great way to spend my afternoon. Now all I have to do is drive into walmart and see if they have a 10" drill bit and similarly sized arrowshaft. As much as I hate WM, I'd really like to get this project finished in the next few days.

When reason fails...


I have not glassed or shafted the stock at this time. I have, however, made sure that the stock is entirely free of contact with the barrel, as all good stocks should be.

Just back from the range and I am impressed, to say the least! I tried Wolf 40g Match LRN and was shooting 1/2" groups at 25yd.

PMC "match" was shit: thankfully, it's no longer in production. Remington thunderbolts grouped for piss and wouldn't cycle the action.

Eley Standard shot marginally worse than the Wolf, but that could have been me and not the ammo. I'll certainly be buying more of it just as soon as I can get to the store tomorrow!

As scarce as Wolf 40g NM is, I'm glad to have a comparable ammo available.

It's been a long time since I have been able to get out, but it was worth it. Opening the barrel channel worked wonders and this rifle is now every bit as accurate as any 10/22 out there. Finding the right ammo really made a difference.

The next step is to mod the stock. I really need to increase the LOP and will also add to the pistol grip portion. I'm stoked on this project now that I see the potential in the rifle! A fuckin' quarter-inch group is right around the corner!

More to follow......

When reason fails...

i built a 22 "sniper" not too long ago off a 10/22 action. but i sold it

is that a hogue overmolded stock? I didnt know they were available with a heavy barrel channel. Where did you grab yours from?

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I thought of this thread last night, while trying to whack a raccoon after sunset, standing in the woods, aiming up with irons because it was close-ish and because I couldn't see jack through the scope...

Has anybody come up with a decent means of sighting during low/ no light conditions? (aside from a mag lite in one's support hand, as I have done successfully, if awkwardly.)

FWIW, it's a 10/22 with factory irons, folding stock, see-through rings that are too tall, and a 4x Tasco that is great during lunchtime daylight. I'm embarrassed to post a picture - everything posted here is both cool and well thought out - mine isn't exactly either. Roll Eyes




something clever here

Has anybody come up with a decent means of sighting during low/ no light conditions? (aside from a mag lite in one's support hand, as I have done successfully, if awkwardly.)

Allow me to step in here Sir as i am sure i am one of the most experienced fish and game "Rule benders" around this board.

Step 1 is to acquire the biggest spotlight you can afford, it should give 2nd degree flash burns to anyone within a 1/4 mile radius.

Recruiting a partner to hold said spotlight while you dispatch the target can turn into a huge pain in the ass, so to save time and frustration i normaly like to combine a night of boozing it up in the local watering hole with night shooting of said critters.

Pick up the redneckiest drunkest chick in the place and have HER hold the spotlight...50% of the time it works everytime. You will probably get laid as well.

Or you could just use a shotgun Wink

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Originally posted by 03humpalot:
Or you could just use a shotgun Wink

Yup, agreed

I have used a double 20ga to canoe a skunk, at 2330, under the bay window from about 6ft away... it woke up the wife, and the baby. After that giant ration of grief I've switched to the audible friendly 22LR for evening varmint removal. I'll stick with the handheld-light method - the whiff might get bent about me bring home "assisstants." Wink

In an attempt to add something of worth to the overall thread: I've tried Federal, Winchester, Remington, and always find myself at least slightly miffed at the performance of a few "duds" in the box. I run all CCIs now, either Blazers or Hypers, and am pleased at consistency and performance.

I have not used Hypers off a bench, so I don't know how they group. With Blazers I used to be able to shoot the thumbtacks out of a target at 50yds. About 9-12" drop and 3" spread at 100.

Currently I'm about 1.5 MinuteOfStarling from my door to the other side of the yard (~40yds) using CCIs.



something clever here

Roger dude,
an option since you run a Ruger is a cheap ass BSA red dot optic(think this one was like $30.00 from Wal Mart a while back). Beats the hell out of irons at night.

You could drill and tap or epoxy on a section of rail to your stock and mount a surefire G2 or other flashlight to it.

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Originally posted by 03humpalot:
is that a hogue overmolded stock? I didnt know they were available with a heavy barrel channel. Where did you grab yours from?

They indeed make them for 0.920 barrels as well, either with overmolded rubber (soft) or nylon (hard). I got mine from Midway USA.

J: March 2004

L: Texas

If there is anyway possible to morph this and retitle it a 22lr thread that would be great. I'm sure Rally wouldn't mind and if he did, who cares, I don't like him anyway. Razz Wink

This is my current love to shoot 22lr. A CZ452 Lux with the euro style stock. CZ bolt actions of any caliber are a freaking steal. They need a little TLC here and there but they clean up nicely and the prices are right. This was a gift from my best friend from law school and at the time it was just over $200. All high quality steel, especially the hammer forged barrel. Again, a little rough here and there but my smith went through it and polished it up.

Absolutely sub MOA at 100 yds and a boring one holer at 50. Not very finicky about ammo. Likes Stingers, subsonics and everything in between. I love that it is adult sized so you don't have to contort yourself to shoot it off of a bench.

The rings are CZ and are very well made if a little heavy. The scope is a Swarovski 1.5-4.5x 20 with a duplex reticle. Four times the price of the rifle but I had it sitting around from another project so waste not,want not. Besides, the glass is incredible.

Not leaving well enough alone, I had it threaded to accept an AWC Titan Three suppressor in blackened titanium. It's the can for my Walther P22. I haven't tried it for accuracy with the can yet but I will soon. I can tell you that with my Aquila 60gr SSS loads it is ridiculously quiet. This thing is a ton of fun.



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Your right.
I've thought the "cheap sniper rifle" term was ghey from the first post but now I have the support I need it's GONE

I have to chuckle at the amount of cash some guys dump into dressing their meth head stripper rigs trying to make prom queens.
You can dump all the time & bling into her that you can swing & she's still nothing but a dirty , scabbed up, yellow toothed hooker who'll waste your time & burn your hope by getting you drunk & make you the crux of her soon to be released menstruating schiza video.

The CZ is an EXCELLENT value & good performer.
I haven't had any one hole 50m groups but it can definitely out run anything under $600.

$290 rifle
$90 cheap ass Barska
$25 mount
minute of grass hopper @ 50m

Model 64 MPR Anschutz is another ball game but you can get 10 rounds in tiny ragged holes.

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