Does anyone have any info about RMA Armament armor? Specifically their Level IV plates? They are NIJ .06 certified and have some pretty impressive claims (e.g. they can take 5 rounds of AP 30.06).

Here is a youtube review by wound channel that shows it getting hit with 2 rounds from a .338 Lapua with no penetration. Although the backface deformation was significant.

Another video showing RMA's level III and IV plates taking some impressive hits.

While the videos seem impressive I am not an expert on armor and would like some feedback from people with more knowledge. Does anyone know of any problems with this manufacturer or any issues I should be concerned about with the materials etc? Anybody here tested these?



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I have done the search and get what you're saying but money does play a role. If you know of cheaper plates that provide sufficient protection then by all means share the info. If I had plenty of money I would do a lot of things but since I don't have money laying around to blow I will go with the cheapest option that still provides adequate protection in a durable setup. Money and protection are top priorities.

Well, what is your budget?

What is your tasking for the plates?


Instructing? Pistol or carbine> Flat range or Shoothouse>

Taking classes? Basic or Advancing skill> With jackasses or without>

In extremis rig? Rural or Urban> Complex population or Pasty white> Underlying community tensions>

If you have an articulable purpose for the plates and a predicted frequency of need, then money should move on the scale accordingly.

I get it- Money is tight. Too many guys set the budget then go looking for the option that fits it. The mission drives the gear train. If you are cop buying plates to counter the current unpleasantness, 10x12 Level IV plates are not the best answer. If you are taking class that requires them, they may have a fit. If you are throwing this in the closet because ISIS or because Obama/Clinton scare they may have fit, but the money may well be spent better somewhere else.

At the end of the day, all armor is always defensive. Defensive does not win fights, but it may prolong them. Time and money spent getting better with the little blaster and the carbine are likely better investments.


The best deal I have found is haunting the swap meet for used SAPI plates in the appropriate size.

Failing that, the Point Blank Speed Plate plus is very hard to beat for value, threat matrix, weight, thinness, and durability on a budget.

I appreciate your input and I have considered all the above factors in choosing what I will get.

To keep it concise the purpose is LEO, active shooter/high risk type scenarios, with a secondary use for 'bump in the night' stuff at home. So, I won't be wearing it all day, everyday, just for short periods of time. I like the Speed Plates but I can get a IV setup for half the cost and spend that money elsewhere as you mentioned. After considering all factors, comfort, weight, etc are not a necessity only a benefit that can be done without at this time with the cost difference being what it is. I can live with level IV for the short amount of time I will wear them.

I did the same math. I ended up with Appalachian Armor's Level III+ plates in a Velocity LWPC for $840. (they also have a Level IV in the $300ish range, same carrier).  While I may not wear them daily, I'm not getting younger, weight is weight, and the more weight you're hauling around in a Oh Fuck moment, the less mobile/agile you are. Harder to stop, start, crawl, etc.


Can I afford $840? Fuck no, i'm about to (have to) buy a new car. But that's 3 days of side jobs for me, so I "can" afford it over time. And given that Dallas is a few hours from me, I can't afford to put it off any more. $375 would go over better, but I'll pay more now and suffer less later.

They are thick like a corn fed Iowa farm girl. But they do seem to stop .30 rounds more than once. I would have liked to see M193, M855, M80 and 7.62 API Commie hits on the youtube show.

Any plates are better than no plates if you are taking rounds.

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I'm late to the party here. I picked up a set of lvl IV plates from RMA following the Dallas attack. I first went to Velocity who would not deal with me despite my ability to provide a departmental letterhead. 

RMA not only took my order but gave me the LEO discount and told me (over phone) about a coupon code to input upon ordering. The final price was awesome. The wife approved even with a family of four....

Obviously I have not taken hits wearing these plates. They are a little heavy but lets get real, they are lvl IV. They are wrapped in a then spongy nylon covering that I assume is intended to protect the ceramic. They are eSAPI cut and fit my 6094B well.

I'm  sorry I don't have more stellar info to contribute. 


Have had some of the Level IV ones since last August in my Crye CPC.  Like others have said, they are thick, and the set comes in at about 14lbs.  I got them because I hoped the honeycomb ceramic would be a little more shock resistant in a patrol car than a solid ceramic plate would be.  Probably a non-issue, but it was all out of pocket and I wanted a little more margin for error.  

Great customer service, offered an LE discount, which helped.

I don't wear them all day, but the few times I have (warrants and such)  I didn't have any real issue with the thickness or weight.  They carry well in a CPC.

There is a place that hits my Facebook page with specials on RMA plates for LEOs at $99.00 every so often.


In fact they are running a special now for 111.00 for level IVs

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Necropost. Any current views on RMA's credibility?

I've been looking at this plate: https://rmadefenseDOTcom/produ...large-nij-07-tested/

NIJ .07 tested (but not certified?): SAPI cut, multi-curve, and relatively light at 4.49lbs for a medium.

The test data is right there on the page as the Ballistic Lab Report so it does not seem like they have anything to hide.

Do you have a need to stop M855A1 at 3000 fps? (16" barrel at 45') If you don't and want M855, M193, 7.62x39 MSC, and M80Ball, then it's a tough cookie. I feel if they could increase the strike face thickness and cut back on the poly a little, they would still pass BFD with flying colors, and be able to stop M855A1 from 16"+ barrel. This doesn't drop until Tuesday, but these are my test results. Sorry it's long,

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