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Ran across some of this (in research, not in my arms room or anything) and was wondering if anyone (DocGKR?) had more info on it.

RUAG Ammotec deformation ammunition. But it looks to me to be the same as the old Action Effect ammo which I think is +/- the same thing as the Action 3 ammo. 

I ask because I thought this was the hotness in like the 80s, but had gone away, and we have nothing like it in the US as far as I know. So, is it dumb, or just a different way to go and somehow US bullet makers don't believe in it?


Current stuff claims to have optimized expansion and depth, and be (though they don't use the term) barrier blind. Some more info in the Ruag sales guide PDF:


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I had some of the predecessor ammo in the 1980s, the Geco Action Safety Slug, sold in the US as BAT (Blitz action Trauma).

When I tried firing some in the early 1990s I had numerous failures to detonate in several different guns.  I contacted a friend across the country and he tried some from his stash and had similar results.

Based on my prior experience, I would not bother with it.

The old Blitz Aktion Trauma and these Action Effect bullets are continental Europe variations on the theme to feed through an autoloader and act like a wider bullet from impact through terminal phase.

It's a 9mm.  Modern 9mm Bullet Theory says deeper surrounding tissue, nerve, or vessel damage can take up some slack for marginal or less-than-perfect placement.  

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In Europe some places have restrictions on using hollowpoints by LEOs or by certain agencies.  By their technicalities the round is not a hollowpoint.

The other big issue is that it was developed so that it would feed reliably in any firearm that could feed FMJ.

After my and other people's experiences with BAT/Geco Action Safety Safety slugs that did not reliably detonate even though they were not that old, I would steer clear of the product.   If I was forced to use the product I would be replacing my ammo every 6 months and firing the old ammo.  At that point it almost makes more sense to go with a quality made FMJ.


Danish Police still use the Action 3 round. At some point, the Action Effect was issued, and some of those are still around but are not supposed to be. I can't remember why it was abandoned, but the A-3 and the A-Effect are different.

Another round is used for training so officers keep their Action 3 rounds for years. Officers are issued 26 rounds with the gun and are not allowed to carry more than 27 (don't ask).
Thre's no focus on expiration dates and since you get the rounds in hand and not in a box, there's no way to find out when they were produced or from what lot they are. 

I've seen officers with JHP rounds in their guns, but they risk charges if brass finds out. 

^^First place I worked, we got 34rds in a ziploc bag, no more (3x11rd mag, one in the chamber). If you didn't turn in 34rds at in-service following year, write-up for each undocumented/missing round. Thankfully, here, the duty ammo flows much more freely.

The Nosler Defense tipped 9mm pill looks similar to the righthand Euro load, but I've not seen sections compared side by side or comparable terminal tests.

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