So, I have a chance to get a Ruger RPR 6mm Creedmoor in either Gen 2 or Gen 3.  The Gen 2 is approx. $300 cheaper.  The Gen 2 has Keymod not Mlok, and the Handguard has a slightly bigger diameter, which in theory could cause an issue with scope bells.  What are the opinions on the Differences?, the Caliber? and the Price?

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Aside from price, which one will interface better with the gear you have.  Or are you going outfit the rifle with all new equipment?








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Given a choice between the Ruger RPR Gen 2 or Gen 3, I would spend an extra three hundred dollars and buy the Tikka TAC A1 in 6.5 Creedmoor. But that is me.

That aside, you asked about caliber. What do you plan to do with the rifle? Does 6mm CM cover that need?

With the RPR you are getting a $350 barreled action in a chassis stock. With the Tikka TAC A1, you are getting an $850 barreled action in a chassis stock. So the cost of the chassis is about the same. You are paying more for a better barrel, better action, and arguably a better magazine system.

If you are dead set on getting a RPR,  there is no question, buy the cheapest one you can find. Don't spend any more than you have to on a Ruger RPR.

Make sure the recall tags are still in the box. Ruger is usually pretty good about including those as needed.

If you can't tell, I have been less than impressed with the RPR rifles I have been around. 

The Gen3 has an M-LOK handguard, ambi safety, and the bolt is nitrided.

The 6 CM's are going cheap as I do not believe they sold as many as they tooled up for. At one point they were on sale for $750.

I have a Gen1 in 6.5 CM. It is nothing special but with factory match ammo it will easily cloverleaf @100  yards.

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