The price isnt too bad.. But looking at the PDF it appears they only tested the plate against 6 shots of M2AP/30-06

The level IIIA and IIIA+ (didn't know that was a thing) appear to have a decent selection of handgun caliber rounds having been tested.

Other than that they don't provide much information.

Sorry I'm not as up on hard armor ratings and specs.. I recently refreshed myself with Docs hard and soft armor primers.

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Level IV tests against .30-06 AP; Current standards don't address either flavor of 5.56 (M193 &/or M855) or the 7.62x39 rounds. That is why you're seeing III+ or IIISpecialThreats to cover those rounds. 

I'd be far more interested in the test lab reports than in the ad copy. Additionally, I'd look for manfs' with track records. 

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