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Hello all, 

My XA Pro 3D’s have been my go-to shoe for years now, and looking at options.  Used as my predominate everyday shoe, but liked it because it could use it for range days and call-outs. Anything out there that others have found to be a good “everyday shoe” like these?  I love the shoes, but their durability (or lack thereof)  is just killing me and getting old and I’m looking for suggestions.  

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I've looked at others from Salomon (have an awesome pair of boots), but haven't really found anything that is quite as universal a shoe...  Just looking for a low-top shoe that's good for everyday wear in jeans, shorts, etc, but could also fit in at the range, etc.  And no gore-tex. My feet sweat like a mofo in gore-tex.  Lol


I've like Merrells and Keens in the past. Just trying to see what all is popular with the kids nowadays. Lol

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b51 posted:

I’ll have to check out the Aeros. What was their durability like? TIm definitely impressed with the Quest 4D’s that I have. They are pretty solid and have taken a beating and still holding up. But the XA Pro’s are like a completely different manufacturer when it comes to their durability. 

Durability is fairly good, the low tops are my daily off duty shoe and I’m getting Close to two years out of a pair before they start looking to ratty for around the town use and become yard shoes. The kids don’t get worn as much once twice a week for K9 agitation and range/match  use so get treated much rougher and mine have been in use for the past year with no issues. Solomon has a good “good guy” program if you can qualify and the Aeros are fairly cheap on there...$60ish if I remember correctly. 

I have read on here awhile back that the Adidas Terrex line is a good replacement for the Salomon XA Pros.  I think though it was relating to people with wide feet.  

I can't speak much to the Terrex but do have a pair of AX2 lows which are quite comfortable. They make alot of models;  the SWIFT have the cord lock closure like the XA Pros. 

Link here:;gender_en_us=men

The newer Adidas Terrex AX3 is the one to look at. -- they look aggressive on the page, but they seem much more tame in person once on foot.

Sign up for their email list and get deals -- typically 20% off and free shipping.

The Swift cord lock closure mentioned above has failed me 4x and Adidas has warrantied two sets of swift shoes for failure, as well as sent replacement lace sets. They admit that its a weak spot in the shoe. My understanding is that Salomon at one time were manufactured by Adidas and when they went their own way, Adidas got into the outdoor space and started trying to build their own shoe. The AX3 is the closest they have thus far. It is the most durable shoe from them I have come across.

Comparing to the XAPro, the Terrex AX3 grip is 10x better. However the toe box is slightly smaller so you may need a wide if that is a thing for you. The AX3 feels more snug fitting (less slop, back of shoe wraps better around heal). I never felt the lace system for Salomon was perfect -- it tended to self release after time. Initially I tried the swift lock but after repeat failures (laces kept blowing out), I have now fully committed to a lace up shoe. Double knots are your friend.

The AX3 is my daily driver. I use them everywhere -- office/around town/trail running/backpacking/walking my dog/on the range etc and we get plenty of miles in. Pretty much the only place it does not go is to the gym.

Best of luck!

I tried Merrell, salomon and Addidas, but the absolute best shoes and boots I have are made by Scarpa.  I wear a pair of scapra leather hiking boots (the  old version  of their ml3s - bought 19 years ago and resoled once) at least twice a week at work and have a 10 year old pair of Scarpa epics (trail runner) that I just can't part with because they are so freaking comfortable. I got a pair of Scarpa Zen's last year and those shoes are freaking awesome- beefy vibram sole with trail runner comfort.  Takes a little bit of time to break them in but it's worth it...

Not many Scarpa dealers out there but they are on Amazon...

I bought a pair of slightly used Altama Maritime Lows from LFember  Casey (smoking deal - nice doing business with you if you read this) a couple of weeks ago and have been REALLY impressed with them. Ridiculously comfortable and they look good too - the day before yesterday I had to teach a LEO class and the dress shoes I wore tore up my feet, so yesterday I wore the Alatamas to work with a pair of khakis and no one batted an eye at them. 

I can't say that they'd be great for hard daily use (if you're going to be doing a lot of hiking, movement on uneven or Rocky ground, carrying heavy loads, etc) but for how I will use them, they get 2 thumbs up. 

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