Adapted from another forum, where people started noticing that their usual place to purchase from has few or no Schmidt and Bender scopes of any sort.

A previously big seller finally shared that they are returning all unsold inventory, because S&B has given sole US distribution to EuroOptics. All. Even if an Authorized Dealer, you have to buy from them. Since EuroOptic has a retail side, everyone assumes they will jack up prices and mess with availability as a distributor to favor themselves. 

Purportedly, no other changes to their support, repair, etc. 

So... if you want to buy an S&B, go to EuroOptic from now on I guess. 

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Euro is my first stop anyways for S&B, Kahles,  TT or similar and I can't go through LE/Gov direct like Leupold or NF.   I started doing business when It was just Alex answering the phones and emails.  They've stayed solid over the last decade.  

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