Short answer, sample of one S&W .22 and BCM  CH, No.

Greatly dissimilar items.  The S&W is less than 5" in length, the BCM just under 7" and the "mate" with the BCG at different point in the upper. 

I have a very low round count with the .22, got it just before the .22LR shortage, new rounds cost as much or more than 5.56 I had in-stock. So not sure if the S&W plastic CH is a wear item or not. Also unsure, but think I'm right that there are not enough carbines in medium to high round counts or in use at all for a quality after market firm to make one in aluminum or other more robust material. 

Good luck


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There are a few aftermarket charging handles out there for the 15-22.  What particular function are you after?

Hair metal appearance aside, we have had good luck with the NLA ambi replacement.  It mimics the Raptor feel more than the G or BCM ambi (which is just fine to me, as I like the AXTS/Radian better anyway), and works well.

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IIRC the latch is the same as a stock gun, so that can be upgraded.


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Definitely won't fit, as has been stated. 

A good purchase is the barrel nut kit that lets you run any handguard, my 15-22 is much closer to my (former) duty rifle now with an ALG handguard. 

Since we're here, I LOVE the 15-22. I have a soft spot for .22's anyway, since I'm cheap, but the 15-22 is great for teaching new shooters the AR platform and removing a lot of their nervousness. EVERYBODY smiles when they send those little angry hornets downrange (suppressed, of course, I'm cheap but not a peasant) and the sound of them hitting cardboard is louder than the rifle. 

Yeah, I know nobody asked. But I love me some 15-22. 





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I just got one for the kids for Christmas for what I thought was a good deal. I'm going to hold off on mods until we shoot it a bunch, but as soon as I took it from the box I started thinking it might cost me more money. 


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Bought it NIB last May after coon fingering a buds @ one of  our steel matches <$500 in it after adding the MRDS & already had a spare SOPMOD so I added it before rattle canning everything.

1K+ rds. of CCI MM thru it w/ zero issues as I set it up it VERY sim to how my SBR & carbine are configured so I can work on *sights ‘n trigger* so to speak. Friends that shoot it, often times are hooked quickly & buy one for themselves.

Curious why folks chose to add a different CH, issues w/ the OEM cheap plastic one perhaps?

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 Picked it up today, just as nice as my first one I had for a brief time. Funny thing is,  I didn't recall it being like 80% polymer but its not a big deal at all. I'll swap the grip out but leave the CH as its polymer also.  

I'm a big fan of the M&P 15/22.  All the reasons stated by others.  I bought my first one as a training rifle for me, but mostly a good .22 for the kids.  The light weight and adjustable length of pull were huge factors and they enjoyed it.  I opted for the upgraded MOE version which included QD sling cups built into the receiver.  When the newer version with the M-LOK handguard came out, I got one of those and swapped the upper to the first one's MOE lower.  I haven't painted it yet, but eventually, I will.  Just a really fun, reliable gun.



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I bought mine when they first came out..before they had a flash suppressor. 

Sent it to Ed Vandenberg to have one installed. Put in some yellow spring from JP, MOE stock, Primary Arms red dot on some mount from Botach...

It had some issues at first, but S&W fixed it with an upgraded recoil spring. Haven't shot it in forever,

They got popular when ammo was through the roof, lotta guys shot them in pats shoot house class, and I think that is one of the best uses for them.

If you are stuck doing most of your training at an indoor range they are great, and I'm going to start shooting mine in the manner soon.


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They are really great little guns. I've modified a couple over the years to be exactly like my carbines, but the current iteration is close enough to the way my guns are set up now, that they are stock with a few add-ons.

They now have Aimpoint T2s in ADM mounts, KAC 2-600 micro rear BUIS, PRI front BUIS, those metal ambi charging handles I linked in my previous post, Norgon ambi-catches, BAD ambi selectors with short levers, and either B5 SOPMOD or Magpul CTR stocks.

My son has been shooting his tripod mounted one since before he turned two:





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So, I'm going to need to put some iron sights on mine, I sold the originals and their replacements long ago.

Anybody got thoughts on a decent but cheap set of sights?


"Good landing, good fight, and good luck" James M. Gavin 09Jul43

 "they say if it works, it's a good tactic...I say anything can work once" 

I have one, but haven't changed anything on it.  It is a BLAST to shoot with my Gemtech GM22 suppressor.  Standard velocity, or subsonic ammo and it is scary quiet.

- Gene

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