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Basically, are second hand high-end optics worth the risk?

This has rocked up:

Calibre/Item: Scope
Make: Schmidt & Bender
Model: PM2 5-25x56 MTC LT Tremor 2
Condition: Excellent
Advertised: 8/02/2019
Licence number: 406074456
Phone: 0418967848
Comment: Schmidt & Bender PM2 5-25x56 MTC LT CW with the popular Tremor 2 illuminated retcile and Tan colour. FFP scope with locking MTC Mil\MIL CW turrets. Scope in excellent condition except some minor scuff marks on turrets. Comes with original box and butlers creek covers. Postage will be $25

 It's the model I was after (Tremor 2) but is not normally available where I am.  Asking price is about 20% off retail...if & when it was available.

Thanks in advance,


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Tan as in RAL8000 or tan as in Pantone?  No real difference in price.  I was looking at some places for you for a retail plus the bevy of them on the Hide. (you could build a shed with the number of 5-25s for sale there)

I have purchased almost all of my gear on the Hide and most of that was used.  I have ZERO issue with buying used optics there at least.  The discounts are huge at times and because of their initial cost, most are very well kept.  Add the large number of people who must have the latest and greatest at all times and why buy new?  There were two 5-25s there for $2100 and they would probably take $2k shipped (not your reticle).  I still think they are the gold standard in their category.

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