Like the title says, I have a decision to make. I currently have a Colt Rail Gun (original split rail frame) that I intend to send to Evolution in the next couple months for a slew of custom touches. Specifically, 20lpi front strap checkering, fit and blend Stan Chen Gen 2 magwell, night sights, Harrison True Radius Trigger and Trigger Job, fit Harrison or EGW thumb and grip safety, Harrison or EGW slide stop, flush cut and crown, ball cuts, dehorn, etc... Basically everything sans a weld up and cosmetic serrations.

I shoot the CRG really well, it is one of my carry guns, and I've had all of the mods on my wishlist for awhile. I've got a SA MCOP and a trio of Glocks that can keep me company during the 6 month or so turnaround time.

My issue is the price tag (~$1,500- ~$1,800.00). I'm certain the work will be worth the money plunked down, however, I'll be within a few hundred dollars of a new Les Baer or Dan Wesson. Either way, it will end up being carried, scratched, performing nightstand duty, riding in kydex during carbine courses, and otherwise not being babied.

Do I send the CRG to Evo? Or do I just buy a LB or DW? What say you gents?

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Unless the LB or DW are set up exactly like you would want them to be I’d send it in. I’d rather have 1 1911 dialed in exactly how I want it than 2 kinda how I like them. 

Also,  Colt’s are cool as base guns for full house builds anyway. 

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