First of all,

I apologize for my first real post being a request for help but I am out of ideas.

I have searched with the best of my Google-Fu and have spent the last 45 minutes searching this forum. A few post concerning buying scuba webbing but no tech info.

I am an auto upholstery guy by trade. I sew through heavy stuff including 4 layers of vinyl and 1/8" Mahogany luan when making custom panels all the time. I am starting to dabble in making gear as a hobby and have started with belts. I cannot for the life of me get the tension set right when trying to sew up 2 layers scuba webbing as a base for the belt. I can always see the top thread making little "nubs" on the bottom stitch. (loose top tension). I crank up top tension and the thread will break after 4 or 5 stitches. I have loosened the bobbin thread and the stitches were almost good enough to start a project with, almost. The extremes in top tension to bottom tension cannot be right.

So my question is to you guys that work with this scuba webbing on a regular basis. What are your set ups? Needle sizes, thread being used and any other tips you might be able to give me. I know this is all hard earned info but I am out of ideas and ruined 10 yards of webbing troubleshooting. I also want to incorporate this stuff into some custom  hot rod interiors as well.  I have had zero problems sewing some pretty ridiculously thick stuff before, but this scuba webbing is killing me.

Current set up:

-Consew 206

-Stitch length on 7

-Tried using #69 thread (best results) and #92

-Tried needles from 18 to 23.

-The closest setting that produced decent looking stitches was very tight top tension and bobbin tension pretty much non-existent.


Thanks in advance for any help or ideas.

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With a Consew 206RB3 set to 7 stitches per inch, sewing #69/Ticket E you need to use a needle punching a big enough hole that the top thread doesn't catch and break but the take-up lever also brings up bobbin thread from the bottom to lock your stitch in your work.

A 135x17 needle pushing a 20 thru 24 should work, especially if going up to #92/Ticket F thread.  Polypropylene scuba webbing used to be used in a lot of nylon holster backers.

Thank you for the reply Sinister.

I have some 23's I will try and see if I can figure it out. I know I have the right parts, just need to find the magic tension settings. I have also noticed this scuba webbing eats needles up pretty quick. I know there are a ton of guys who are using scuba webbing with my same machine and not having any issues. I'll get it sorted.

Thanks again for the reply.

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