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I wanted to put something out here since I wasn't sure if my experience was unique, or par for the course.  I will try to stick to the main point rather than airing every pissy comment that came up during my multiple calls.

I ordered a Banshee PC and 2 Level IV plates  last month immediately after the LE attacks in Dallas/Baton Rouge.  A lot of companies sold out of what they had quickly, and Shellback was one of the only companies that still had armor packages in stock, so I paid a premium price to order their package, to ensure that I could get outfitted.  (Full disclosure: I did get a discount, but oddly enough, as the percentage of discount reduced the price, the shipping increased the same amount, so it appeared that you get free shipping, but no price discount- pretty shady). 

Several days later I received the carrier and kangaroo pouch, but no plates.  I waited a few days to see if they were behind, but my order showed partial shipped with no change.  I had emailed prior, with no response.  I called and got ahold of a CS rep who informed me that they, in fact, did not have the plates- but they were being shipped third party.  That wasn't listed on the product I'd ordered, but if I had looked at a different product (which isn't what I ordered) I would have seen that.  I asked for a ETA on the plates, which he could not give me. I mentioned that I hadn't gotten any replies from my emails, which I was told they hadn't received.  I told the CS rep that I'd like to go ahead and cancel my order to free up my money in order to get the needed gear. (I wanted to head off any problems with "non returnable" products) I was told there'd be a %15 restocking fee to my order to cancel. I told the CS rep I'd like to speak to Mike, the POC for LE sales.  I was told that he was not going to bother Mike with my problem.  I told the rep that I'd at least like to cancel the unshipped portion and we could deal with returning the carrier later.  I was quoted my projected refund (FYI, my order came to $515, and that canceling my plates would get me back $178 - basically any discounted price came out of my end).  I asked for an ETA on plates or I would be cancelling the order- I was told I would be called with an ETA.

I called 1-2 days later an got a different rep. I told her if they didn't have an ETA, go ahead and cancel my order.  She said she'd have to contact the armor manufacturer to see if the plates had already shipped, in order to cancel the order (WTF?!?- an ETA was what I wanted in the first place!)  I told her that I was fed up, and just wanted to cancel my order, be done with their company.  I told her that they were penalizing me at every turn, almost like they were extorting my business.  I mentioned about getting my bank involved, after things went downhill on the phone, and a second refusal to let me talk to Mike.  I was told that she would call me back to let me know if the 3rd party armor had shipped.  She told me that ALL companies have restocking fees, shipment windows of 10-14 days, etc. (Uh- no.  I usually shop companies based on their CS, and this behavior is the exception, not the rule)

The next day, I get a call from Mike.  He said they would ship me HESCO plates that they had in stock, even though  they cost more.  I thanked him for fixing a bad situation ( I looked a minute later to realize there was a $5 difference between the HESCO and the backordered- was that not an option several calls before?)

LONG story short- The plates came in USPS priority mail box that looked like shit (the box was curved in the shape of the plates, the shooter's cut corners were crushed, several dents/gouges in the box. I could feel the plates through the holes, they weren't padded.  I wasn't sure if the shitty packaging was some passive aggressive vendetta, or just par for the course of cutting corners.  I refused the package and contacted the bank/returned the rest.  I wouldn't run the plates without an X-ray, and didn't want to take their mistake as my responsibility.

Don't really know/care how the Banshee is.  With the customer service, I wouldn't want to have to rely on Shellback in case something went wrong later.

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Dan, I appreciate it. I took advantage of London Bridge Trading's 6094 & plates package. The price was great, the package arrived at my house within 3 days (and some patches in the box too).  LBT has always been good to me, even warranty repairs that were my fault. 

The Banshee seemed decent. Probably a good product. Unfortunately it'll never get a fair look with Shellback's abysmal customer service.

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