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The wilderness belt doubles as a pants holder and gear holder. It's a pain to weave everything in. I would like to keep it as a pants holder and get something else to wear on the outside (over that belt). Maybe something like the eagle duty belt. I'm torn with the whole train like you would fight thing and being a civi. Welcome to suggestions.

I'm a civi also and went through a similar thought process. A duty belt or modular padded belt will help resolve the issue of having to weave everything together. I ended up deciding on a TT duty belt by itself without a modular padded belt, for no particular reason other than I wanted to try it that way. This works great for me, it's just a little more challenging if you want to run modular pouches. But there's a decent selection of belt pouches too.

What I like about my setup is that I can leave my gear on it all the time, then just throw it on over my pants belt when I get to class. It also makes it much simpler to do dry practice at home. In addition to my pistol I find that I can comfortably carry one rifle mag, two pistol mags and a dump pouch and still be able to run, jump, etc. without it falling down or getting floppy.

Here are the things I like about this setup when run with a chest rig:
- More convenient to put on/take off and better weight distribution than putting shit on your pants belt.
- I find it faster to reload from the belt than from a pouch on my chest rig. FYI I use an ATS short shingle for this purpose since it gives me more of the mag to grab onto.
- Moving pouches to the belt freed up some real estate on the chest rig.

I hope this helps.

I have been looking hard at just getting an ATS war belt and run the dump pouch, pistol, and quick access magazines off that. Using the chest rig to back fill the quick access pouches on the belt.

I still may do this....but I had an idea today. I ran the dump pouch through the back bottom strap of my chest rig. It seems to work pretty good. It rides a little higher but the idea is still there. I am still trying to decide if it has the "cool guy" look but I think it might work as just a minimalist/class setup. This allows me to wear the pistol on my belt as close as I would in a CCW situation only difference is an IWB holder.
I run my dump bag on the waist strap of my chest rig tethered to the left side of the rig with dummy cord for extra support. It works well, keeps it at a good height and doesn't sag when loaded up. Plus all gear is consolidated on one rig w/o a belt. Also since the waist line is clear when I squat or take a knee I don't get stabbed by pouches or gear in the sides. YMMV.
Through a lot of trial and error, I currently run 2 dump pouches. One on my RACK for mags etc and the other on the waist belt of my medics pack, which is more for non-biological medical waste such as packaging and other stuff.

I am about to finally conclude a write up that will appear in the tactical medics pages next week.

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Second line
- Eagle LE FB chest rig (I put a carabiner
on the straps to keep them from rubbing up
against my neck)
- Eagle FB M4 pouch
- Eagle 100rd SAW pouch
- Benchmade rescue hook
- CAT tourniquet

First line
- Eagle MOLLE padded belt (removed the inner
belt and put in a riggers belt)
- Eagle FB M4 pouch
- TAG double pistol pouch
- Eagle med pouch (all the med supplies are in
a tear away pouch)
- Safariland 6004
Blue Force Gear 10 speed pouch on a standard belt while shooting a practical run and gun rifle match (3 yards out to 425 yards). Not sexy as some set ups, but it's cost effective and works for carrying a few extra 5.56 magazines.

And before Dog Off Leash jumps my stuff for "gamer gear" ... at the time the match was set up by a Captain from my agency who would incorporate practical shooting senerios that many Officers could find themselves faced with (ie. shooting under a Crown Vic, shooting from a barricade shaped like a roof top, etc)

While some may consider this a "game" many shooters fail at practical shooting. Not all of your engagements will happen within 25 yards with you on your feet. Think of practical run and gun shooting competition is much like you would running an obsticle course:

________________________________________________________________________________________________ www.03designgroup.com Semper Fi, Jeff

From a 2009 LMS Defense Carbine Course. Using the Blue Force Gear SOC-C belt again:

Myself and DZhitshard both using the Blue Force Gear SOC-C belt:

5 out of 9 students in the class were using the Blue Force Gear SOC-C belt, almost a group pic ... all Lightfighter's:

A review of the SOC-C belt with more pics:

03designgroup | Blue Force Gear SOC-C Modular Belt System (updated with armor package)

________________________________________________________________________________________________ www.03designgroup.com Semper Fi, Jeff

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Well, I was gonna post my training rig pics, but then I see Jeff's action shot. Guess that idea's out the window now. Show off.

Let's see it Brother ... you always post good sh*t

Originally posted by Haji:
You guys get a free Glamourshots pic with the purchase of that rig, doncha?

I double dog dare you to tell Pat his pics look like they are from Glamourshots Wink

Pat Rogers rockin his BCM 12.5" Kino Configuration with LaRue 9.0 rail and Bravo Company - BCM 03 MSF Chest Harness and getting some trigger time with students in a recent class in Colorado:

________________________________________________________________________________________________ www.03designgroup.com Semper Fi, Jeff

Not to mention some *cough* Crye Goodness *cough*...

Split fronts are the way to go for easy of donning/doffing (yes thats correct). I'm in love with my TT MAV.

Cheers, Matt

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Let me start out by saying I got a lot of Condor stuff A. because it was cheap and B. because I didnt know what I would like and didnt want to sink a ton of money into something I might not be happy with. After trying on a buddy's Eagle CIRAS (Damn you Matt)I have come to the conclusion I'm gonna be dropping some coin. That being said, dont flame me for the Condor stuff, if I had known it was made in China I wouldn't bought it at all.

plate carrier - seems to be fairly sturdy, haven't had any issues out of it
Mag pouches - all of them seem sturdy too, but the bungees on them SUCK
gadget pouch - wanted something to hold my GPS and 3x mag. Seems to do the job really well.
First Aid Kit - still building it but the pouch is a velcro tear away and seems to work.
Hydration carrier - big enough to hold 2 100oz bladders

Maxpedition Monkey Admin Pouch - pretty damn handy. Lots of space and doesn't really get in the way.
Blue-Force Molle sling - You can tell in the pic I have 2 slings on. I didnt have the molle sling set up to my liking but now I am really happy with it.

By armgdnman at 2010-07-14

By armgdnman at 2010-07-14

and the rifle (its gonna have a magpul CTR stock soon)

By armgdnman at 2010-07-14

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I put this together with the sole intention of having something to hold a pile of mags and be able to lug them from shop to house to truck to range and back. This is NOT a rig to be worn, but when I drag it to the range the Arfcom style kid's get serious wood over it. I have lovingly nicknamed it the Death Blossom Special although the term Zombie Apocalypse Rig gets used at times.

War Belt with a pile of DRMO'd mag pouches and some hastily sewn 'spenders made from cheapo 1" webbing.




Photos (1)
During PCS Leave I have a few courses lined up, to include a carbine course, a breaching course, and two tactics courses. Being that I have to turn in my CIF Issue (and my unit not wanting soldiers to take body armor with them) I opted for my personal rig.

The objective is to have one rig that works for all the courses and mimics my current loadout and role (DM / Ballistic Breacher). I want to spend my time hydrating and relaxing to ensure the maximum is taken in and retained between courses, not threading MOLLE.

Helmet: Ops-Core Ballistic FAST Helmet.

Pardon my pale white hand. It would be tan like my neck and face, but I wore gloves the entire time I was in Romania.

Buy cheap, buy twice. I like the comfort, chinstrap, sweatband, and the fact it can configure to Peltors better than my ACH. Add to that the planned upgrades to it and the ability to mount lights/cameras to the rails, and it was a no brainer. I may experiment with different pads down the road, as these are a bit less pliable than I am used to. Sweated in it a bit which helps out.

Armor: MSA/Paraclete SOHPC

It's light, provides protection, and has integral side armor. I put 2 x Diamondback Tactical Level IV standalone plates for the front and back. Every few months I buy the EOD techs a fifth of their choice and they X-Ray them to make sure they are good.

If I have a buddy he can fit the the armor over me as I Superman it up and vice versa for call-out type instances which saves a lot of time.

ATS Triple Mag Shingle: I ran these in Iraq and they are superb. For Tactical Reloads I store them opposite the side in which I store Speed/Combat Reloads. I do this because I have a different grip / reload technique for each.

MSA/Paraclete Shotgun Pouch: 19 Shells of Boom for my Boomstick. I prefer the exterior channels and can bump interior shells to the exterior as needed...or open the flap and draw from the interior if the exterior shells have excessive debris on them. I've also used my dump pouch to store shells as needed.

Milspec Monkey Admin Pouch: A lot of people bitch about it being big, but I think they overload it. I have an Infantry Leaders Card I still need to laminate plus a bunch of other "cheat" cards, 2 bottles of lube, 1 Brunton Monocular, Surefire E2D, 4 x Chemlights, small weapons cleaning kit and a Gerber (I cannot tell you how many Leatherman Waves I have lost since enlisting.) I also plan on putting my razor knife there too. My informal callsign is Robocop due to my deep ass voice over the radio. Also, sometimes I get drunk and do the Michael Jackson Robocop dance move to boisterous applause.

BFG Trauma Kit Now! w/ Tourniquet Now! and SOFT-T: I am a firm believer in ambidextrous medical kits. This is accessable to either arm. In the kit I have two Asherman Chest Seals (in the event it's a through and through), Quikclot, 14 Gauge needle, Israeli Pressure Dressing, gauze, and tape. I also carry Muslin bandages in pockets and whatnot.


VTAC Manual Breaching Kit: This has a large central slot that currently fits my totally tubular 80's fluorescent blue Camelback bladder (which the packaging completely obscured, but whatever, cowabunga dudes) and two smaller slots left and right for manual breaching tools. I also want to experiment to see if they can hold upper receivers for DM purposes.

Attached to that are:

BFG Ten Speed Pouch: For either NFDD's or medical supplies. Or even bottled water. These are incredible for weight saving and profoundly durable despite their appearance. Excellent design.

Explosive Ops Gear Horizontal Charge Pouch: For use with either explosive charges or an IV bag, situation dependant. Or even both! I also attached another BFG Ten Speed Pouch in case I don't want a Camelback or manual breaching tools take up that area and I'm going to be out for awhile.

* EOG was a pleasure to deal with. I ordered this back in Iraq with the shotgun holter, a lockpick set and EOG NVG Counterweight - he didn't have the set in stock I ordered and upgraded to the next at no charge, and when the package came in ripped and missing the NVG Counterweight - replaced it at no cost. True class act and I cannot recommend him enough.*

Belt Line:
Belt: BFG SOC-C Belt - Great piece of kit. I upgraded to this after I saw it was padded everyone had positive things to say here and had openings to feed a belt through. I plan on adding armor to it down the road after I PCS and hit stateside again. Prior to running this I used the ATS belt which was fine, but did not push out far enough to clear body armor for the pouches.

Eagle Industries Shotgun Scabbard: I first heard of this in Paul Howe's article about Shotgun Breaching where he talked about having a shotgun configured in a cross-draw position. I have it mounted left and to the anterior of my leg (secured by a strap) so I don't mess myself up when I go prone. I keep the left side of my Plate Carrier slick so as to not interfere with the draw.

ATS Triple Mag Shingle / Blade-Tech M4 Pouch / Eagle Double FB MOLLE M9 Pouch / BFG Tourniquet Now! w/ SOFT-T: I like to run a dedicated speed reload on my hip and bump pouches to it when it's empty, but wanted a similar index point for more mags in case I needed to reload more than once from the belt. I like the setup and wish I had thought of it in Iraq. The tourniquet can be grabbed from the left hand easily under the belt. I plan on doing reload drills on the range to make sure all the magazines are readily accessable and to make sure what works in my head works in real life (I am kicking myself for not bringing my blue guns/mags back with me). The only thing I am worried about is the pistol mags.

Close-up of mag placement:

CSM Dump Pouch: I like it a lot, the roll-up ability is genius, and I can store three breaching rounds in the slots inside if needed.

MSA/Paraclete Signal Pouch: I threw a TAC PAC loaded with M4 spare parts, to include a spare mil-spec bolt from Larue, extractor and spring, ejector and spring, gas rings. Also, 2 x MGL bottles of lube for the crew served weapons (thanks Larue). I can also fit a 20 round PMAG, barrel patches, and one of those OTIS flexible barrel rods.

Blade-Tech Tek-Lok DOH RHS M9 Holster: It's decent, but I plan on upgrading to the Sarafiland ALS system after having had a chance to try it out. It's far enough back to clear the Trauma Kit Now!, but makes the draw awkward. Will hit the range and see what works better when I get home.

Emdom Grobes Dispenser: Takes too long to rip out a bag of gloves and put them on. This makes it easier.


Shot of stuff stored in kit, minus the weapons cleaning stuff and cheat cards stored in my locker/ACU's.

Kneepads: Arctery'x Kneepads. They're so comfortable I can't even tell I'm wearing them a lot of the time. No shit, I've fallen asleep with them in the field and didn't feel any discomfort. These are if I'm not ricking Crye's Combat Clothing line.

Gloves: Hatch Operator gloves. Most durable glove I've owned, half life of 4-6 months of daily use in non-garrison environment. I want to give the new VTAC gloves a spin, but I ain't paying a hundred bucks for a set of gloves with limited half life.

Goggles: Whatever is given via RFI. Nice fit under my Ops-Core, even if wearing glasses.

I'm sure I'll have to work out some gear situations, but hopefully visualizing / dry runs will work out most issues.

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Where did you get the multicam PMags?

I'm looking to pick up a dozen or so.

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Regional Embassy Office - 4th ID left a conex of awesome stuff for us there and a few of those mags were in it. I walked out of there with a rucksack full of leftover stuff.

I hate watching Indiana Jones now because a Webley MK VI was among the hand cannons in there.

Best price I found off a quick Google search is these guys.

US tactical Supply is charging $40 and up! Eek

You may run into a bit of trouble sourcing them due to magazines falling under ITARS. Best of luck, mate.

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"Americans don't deserve America." - Timmy

I was expecting feedback for those that are/were ballistic breachers, but all anyone is interested in is multicam PMAG's

The information I received from Magpul was that they are hydrographic film applied with a water-transfer process which is more durable than spraypaint. Limited runs were made for Multicam and MARPAT camouflage.

They are holding up fine, no obvious marks or scratches, but I've only ran them during a half dozen range trips and a two week field problem.

I soak the bodies in soap and hot water to clean them, no issues there.

"I came here for one reason: to attack and keep coming.- Ultimate Warrior


"Americans don't deserve America." - Timmy

Any magazine can be used as a monopod.
It is a myth, propogated by the military, that allowing the mag to touch the ground will result in male pattern baldness, the conversion of the world to communisim and M16's double feeding.

We have been teaching this since pre Desert Shield days.

We have seen very few malfunctions using this TTP, and of those seen, few were caused by the magazines.

If your magazine pukes when it is touching the deck, shitcan the magazine.

FYI- those are TangoDown ARC magazines.

At this time i use primarily polymer magazines.

I use ARC and PMAG's interchangeably, and the Bravo Company D&H mags if i run metal mags.
Those are the only magazines i now use.

MickFury- i feel your pain...
Time to jump in...
My gear suite varies according to the class i am teaching.
If the class does not involve armor, i'll wear the BCM 03 Split front chest rig (see USMC03's great pics.

If i need armor, i use this (see below.

Crye JPC. This is a lightweight, minimalist rig.

On the front:
The JPC has 3 embedded M4 pockets. I included a two cell BFG 10 Speed Pouch for extra mags wehn needed.
There is a TK-4 tournequet on the front as well.
My radio is on the left front along with a pistol mag pouch, SF G3 LED and a BFG Trauma Now pack

The right side has a pistol mag (since removed) and med shears.


Photos (1)
Pat- Did any of the Crye people give any idea as to wider availability of thier new products showcased at SHOT 2010? I know they are pretty much a "make it for those that need it" company, just wondering if they have plans to market the PC your wearing or thier new Assaulter PC.

Cheers, Matt

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Negative Matt- sorry.

The JPC is kinda' nice though...


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Originally posted by borebrush:
yep... I concur. I like the shit out of my JPC too.

<---lucky asshole

Once Mark and Mike opened my eyes to the wider world of "unobtanium" level kit it was all down hill from there.

Cheers, Matt

"It is easy to go down into Hell; night and day, the gates of dark Death stand wide; but to climb back again, to retrace one's steps to the upper air - there's the rub, the task."    Publius Vergilius Maro, The Aeneid

Its bad enough that Dozer and 03 have their Glamor Shots posted already, and now I gotta follow Pat? That's just not fair.
Here's most of it:


G17 and SnW MnP. Both run X300's, the MnP has CTC grippage, too. Safariland ALS holsters on MLS system, hung on 2" UBL, off an ATS liner belt.

Protective gear: ATS hat with kick-ass-limited-edition-only-cool-dudes-have-'em patch, Alta Superflex buckle knee pads (crucial for me to be able to walk the next day), Peltor Comtac I's and SWMS Magnum Force hard knuckle grobes. I use Hatch Operator HK grobes more often, but I've misplaced them. Again. My Oakleys aren't in that pic because I wear impact rated prescription glasses.

War Belt and suspenders. As previously mentioned, I'm using an ATS War Belt Liner Belt. You can use most any belt, but use one with an SR Fatsex buckle to make it easy to get on and off. Also on the belt are a 500D ATS Roll Up Dumper and Safariland model 77 AR magazine pouch.

500D ATS Low Profile Chest Harness with ATS MCH Hydration Carrier, also in 500D. It don't weigh nothin'. Mags shown are PMags and factory SnW MnP 9 magazines. The reason the ATS Double Pistol Magazine pouches are on the carrier rather than the War Belt is that my VTAC sling kept hanging up on 'em, so I moved 'em. I don't love 'em there, but it works better than it did.

Back side of the hydration carrier. This very smart design came from the famous Vet_Medic. Works like a champ. The retention straps for the hose are borrowed off another ATS MCH; they're 1.5" elastic bands.

In case you don't want the bungees on the mags, they don't have to be cut out (never mind that they're tied in, not welded, bolted or glued). Just tuck the tab into the top PALS webbing row. DON'T CUT! Down! Heel!

Neither of these was supposed to last, but both have. The BPG rifle case I've had for probably close to four years now, and it is still in excellent shape. The Midway range bag was a $50 investment That I expected to get a year out of, but it's coming up on two with no need for repairs. Quite pleased with both of them.

Shootin' an' moovin' at Pat's COC in Franklinumbia, TN this year. Yes, I am a big, fat bastard, or as Pat more diplomatically terms it, A Very Large Human.

Those of us who know must save those that don't from those that think they do.

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EDIT- WHat I should have said in the first place, it started many moons ago, you guys just made it worse.
Originally posted by sawtooth07:

Not to step out of my lane but I am doing some work with Crye and I've been told late August/early Septmeber for the JPCs.


Thanks for the tip, I appreciate it.

Cheers, Matt

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Sawtooth or Pat or BB,

If or when the JPC comes out to the general public, where would one be able to acquire these? Having never bought anything Crye before, I am very interested in this plate carrier. Thanks for your help all.
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As a matter of fact we had Caleb, Matt Johnson and two of his guys in the EAG Carbine Class in Harrisonburg VA last week.


They were wearing the CPC and shooting the EAG Carbines (shameless plug)

Realistically, they have priorities and those have to be satisfied first.

You may want to look elsewhere.


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Originally posted by Pat _Rogers:
As a matter of fact we had Caleb, Matt Johnson and two of his guys in the EAG Carbine Class in Harrisonburg VA last week.

They were wearing the CPC and shooting the EAG Carbines (shameless plug)

Realistically, they have priorities and those have to be satisfied first.

You may want to look elsewhere.

Understood, thank you for your help.
I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught - Winston Churchill

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