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i saw the OEF loadout from CYCLOPS.
and i thought why don't we all show our fighting loadout.
here is mine.

1st line
DBT batllebelt
DBT rolly-polly
safariland 6004 holster
double 9mm magpouch
Mad-Dog ATAK

2nd line
Blackhawk enhanced chest harnass
S.O Tech El-dwiggo Chimp
Blackhawk Mbitr pouch
TT small utility pouch 2x
kydex glock17 holster
H&K 5.56mm mags

i hope you all like it
thanks wookie
Original Post
Okay, here goes. My kit isn't quite special enough to rate its own thread, but I'm finally at something of a stopping point after ten months of gradual improvement. The reason being that any additional money spent on gear this late in my tour is money I can't spend on beer when I get back.

IBA: Wearing a small kinda limits the real estate but makes for good mobility. I finally got a dedicated pistol rig for my armor because, as much as I like my modded 6004, I spend way too much time driving for it to be practical.

Moving clockwise from the coyote pouch:
-ESSTAC Medium GP pouch with helmet mount, spare batteries (AAA for Foretrex, AA for NODs, 123s for Surefire), camera, clear lenses, red chemlights, etc.
-SpecOps double M9 mag pouch on top of GP
-Three SDS double M4 pouches
-SDS canteen pouch for PVS-14s
-Two SDS grenade pouches for frags
-G-Code holster with MOLLE platform

On the back

Left to right as worn:
-SpecOps X2 pouch with green smoke
-Really old Thermobak
-Issued IFAK

It makes driving less comfortable than having a 'slick' back on the IBA, but that's acceptable.

And my precious...

It was issued with the M68 and BUIS. The other goodies are mine and will go on my personal AR-15 when I get home.
-Surefire 6P in a Viking Tactics offset mount, standard lamp and tailcap
-Surefire M73 forend rail
-TD foregrip. It's as far forward as I can get it, and still activate the light. The tailcap fits right in the web of my hand (I don't 'choke' the grip).
-CAA pistol grip
-Rubber butt pad to keep stock from slipping off armor
-Strap for attaching to armor, made from old pack strap components
-BFG Vickers sling
-M.I. sling mounts. The forward one didn't work out so well; the pin kept walking out and finally got lost the other day, so it's rigged with gutted paracord now. The rear QD mount, on the other hand, is fantastic and allows full closure of the stock.

Like I said, I think I'm done messing with it now. Only took me most of the tour!

Oh yeah, my first line is an original SOE riggers belt, Safariland 6004 (when I'll be out of the armor for a while), locally made double M9 mag pouch, and Leatherman. Not shown as I'm wearing it right now.

1 Paraclete small GP pouch
1 Battlelab upright GP pouch
2 Paraclete 2xM4 Magazine pouches
1 Paraclete smoke grenade pouch
1 Paraclete MBITR pouch
1 TAG dump pouch
1 TAG waist pack (hangs in front of cock protector)

1 TCI Mast kit
1 Paraclete IZLID pouch
1 Paraclete Camelbak pouch with Source bladder

I typically carry 6 mags (2 in the smoke grenade pouch), although last year I substituted an extra smoke grenade and only carried 4 mags. The small GP pouch has my ANGLICO gouge book with 9-line formats and such, and the larger GP pouch is for my strobe, camera, etc.

The reason I have so many Paraclete pouches is that our unit bought Paraclete RMVs before last year's deployment. When MarCorSysCom said we couldn't use them any more, the command let us keep them so we could use the pouches. I've only had the opportunity to use the MTV at Ft Polk, but if I had to give an opinion right now - I want my RMV back. I miss the mobility provided by the BALCS cut. The only features I like about the MTV more are the integrated side SAPI pouches and the throat protector. My Paraclete throat protector, no matter how many times I adjusted it, always ended up at chest level.
My gear isn't too photogenic, probably doesn't help that my camera sucks balls.

But hey, I still rock it hard

ESSTAC Zippered 2-pc. BOAR

TT Smoke Grenade/WP Pouch
TT Zippered Util. pouch (Holds NODs, small tools, extra batts, extra eyepro lenses, survival marker panel)

ESSTAC Padded harness w/ hydro bag (holds 3L Thermobak)

ESSTAC MedRAT (Holds a beefed up IFAK That I'm sourcing supplies for with help from and thanks to Vet Medic)
TT Small Util. pouch (Holds a Surefire and a Gerber)

Issue MOLLE FLC Belt
Issue MOLLE II Frag pouch
TT SAW Pouch
Issue MOLLE II Butt pack
TT SAW Pouch
Issue MOLLE II Frag pouch

The belt I use as a 240 gunner to hold some starter ammunition and frags, as well as tools and bug-out supplies. Thanks to Basicload for this idea.

Currently waiting on funding to get an ESSTAC DBL Frag, two Toasters, a MiniBoar pack, a RAID, and some PackRATs and EMDOM Fatty McChunderpants pouches (Fatty Wide loads)

Hey frznballz007, can you PM me the contents of that sleeve pocket bleeder kit?
A little old-school but certainly functional: I used this rig for almost four years, culminating in my OIF trip last year.

My first line:

I used the wonderful HSGI suspenders to hold up a simple USGI belt and pad. Left to right, a DBT armored warrior leg panel that arrived VERY late in my tour (thanks a lot, DBT) and therefore saw very little use, as you can see by it's relative cleanliness to everything else; a MM roly-poly dump pouch that saw more use hauling Gatorades out of the DFAC than it saw ejected magazines, a cheap, off-brand compass pouch, the same pouch with handcuffs, and an HSGI universal dropleg platform with a Safariland 6004 for my M9. An Emdom mag pouch on the HSGI UDP held a leatherman, not a magazine, and I usually kept a S&W folding knife tucked inside the UDP wraparound part, as well.

I ran my second line on a Hellcat FLC, preferring it to attaching directly to armor so I could take it off as needed and still keep the armor.

L to R, an SDS 100 round SAW pouch with supply captain's nice IFAK inside; EMDOM large utili-shingle with all kinds of useful crap inside (rubber gloves, marlboros, map overlay, redlens, notebook, etc. etc. (and two mags in the hellcat behind it); the first HSGI mag pouch dead center with tac light; two SPECOPS X2 magazine pouches with 4 mags; SDS radio pouch (empty and barely visible in picture); SDS smoke grenade with (now empty) smoke; SDS canteen pouch with canteen. Up on the left shoulder is my other HSGI 9mm mag pouch with magazine, and tucked above the EMDOM shingle is a spool of trip wire.

On the back,
I kept a Camelbak "Ambush" or somesuch, which I frequently removed for comfort in vehicles.
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I've seen some down right fancy rigs in the forum before! Some brand new, some with soo much shit I don't think I could hump it anyway.

Couple shots of mine on sep posts cause my FOO is weak, but my pimp hand is strong! Cool

Smoke Green Paraclete Rack, several coats of Krylon. L to R: MBITR Pouch, Smoke Pouch on top, DBT Folded Dump Pouch under, Biner through rack PALS, 6 Dual M4 Pouches (internal elastic)Single load 6 mags could double to 12 if skeered, OC pouch 3oz canister for kids, dogs, 'n such, Quad fold medical pouch.

On bib, quad 9mm pouch, grenade pouch perfect for Sony CyberShot in otter box. Pouch on strap for Surefire E1E. Used it more than any other light besides my headlamps.

That's it. This was worn over my armor. Worked very well for me. I know some don't like one piece fronts over armor but everyone knew how to cut it off me ASAP.


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My plate carrier, DBT FAPC. Triple 2x M4 mag shingle, quad 9mm pouch, small biner, tourniquet, ear pro, mre spoon w/lanyard. Go light with the carrier or full on, IBA with above rack over it. Either way I was GTG and always had what I needed.

1st line was a Wilderness CSM riggers belt, 6004, other leg was subload, mags or 203 bombs.
Again always worked well for me.


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Since my camera was broke after being thrown at me, here is how my gear used to be set up. Worked well for me.

HSGI Centurion,
Tag admin pouch,
Eagle utility pouch,
Eagle 2x M4 triple shingle,
Not seen on back is issue IFAK,
And remains of BHI Camelback holder.

New to it is some HSGI Grenade pouches, and M9 mag pouches.

1st line,

Tag Duty belt,
6004 (now modified with HSGI UDHP in MC)
HSGI M4 3x2 subload (only 2 mags each 3 is too heavy)
Home made dump pouch.

It worked for me YMMV
Originally posted by KevinB:
Who needs a MadDog knife

Fuckin' A! I only got a Micro Frequent Flyer from him, but sold it in short order. Striders all the way! I'm also eyeballing that EOD Memorial knife you got there Smile

Heck I got the old Lady a Strider too.
(but I still have to get her a ring - damn whats with that shit)

I'm right there with you. My wife sports a Frontsight Straight HAK, ground by Mr. Mick himself. She got the ring first though...

You can better see my custom side plate carriers made for me by Roper Tactical
-Ont the right one I have a PPM compass pouch w/ issue lensatic compass
-HSGI strobe pouch
-BHI Hydrastorm hydration pouch in center

My rig is this way today. I've been playing with a couple details lately. It will probably be different when I do my detailed post/review.


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Originally posted by devildoggunner:
McNamara how's the G-Code holster with MOLLE platform workin' out for you? Never seen it before now and looked into it. Looks interesting. Any sagging problems versus if you used something with malice clips?

The G-Code is terrific, and Eagle was great about getting it to me quickly. You have several choices for the angle, the retention is just right (and adjustable), and the platform is very stable. Well, as stable as it can be on a front-opening vest. The weight of the pistol would certainly cause your vest to open if the velcro became weakened. It would be even more stable on a CIRAS or other side-opening carrier.

I should have done a Stud Board on the interim solution I rigged up, but I only used it for a week before the G-Code arrived, so no pics.

I cut a rectangular piece of cardboard from a binder and wrapped it in 100mph tape. I removed my 6004 from the leg platform and screwed it onto the makeshift base. Then that was attached to the IBA with short MALICE clips. Not bad for a cheap solution, but it stuck out too far and flopped a bit. Plus I don't like the Safariland retention used in the chest position; it works best when drawing from your hip.

Prior to that I tried a friend's CQC Serpa, to see if I liked having my pistol up there instead of on my hip. While the MOLLE platform was very good, the holster itself is unsat (as has been previously covered).

So yes, the G-Code is good to go. Plus I can remove the holster from the MOLLE platform in about 2 seconds and put it on a belt slide or paddle if I want to, when I drop the armor.

Now I just need some Krylon!
Originally posted by danitofool:
Originally posted by OEF-Infidel:

Hey frznballz007, can you PM me the contents of that sleeve pocket bleeder kit?

What you need man? PM me I'll send you some class 8 for you and your AG.

Does your AG carry an mbitr?


PM inbound hot.

My unit is kinda LSHD, not to mention undermanned, I currently have no AG and kinda bounce between being a SAW gunner or a 240, but I imagine if I get the Bitch-40 again in my next one my AG will carry some sort of commo. YMMV.
Originally posted by pmb44:
Is that the Spyderco "spyderfly" I see peaking out of the admin pouch? Mind giving me alittle rundown on how you like it? I heard good things about it, but most from "knive guys" don't know any end users who carry one.

You are correct. The spyderfly is just awesome. Its not bullet proof like a Strider, but its very very nice. It has been through the field for over a year, and about a month in the desert of Morocco, and still looks brand new, and keeps a painfully razor sharp edge. It feels almost like it has ball bearing operation with the polished flat bearing like washers in it. Lightning fast in presentation, and if you are not careful, it will eat your fingers. Also, while playing with it, it keeps the higher ups away from my squad while I am trying to train them without any un-needed input.
Here's my loadout for the time being.

Vest: Based on the FSBE vest, but homemade, like most of my stuff in this picture. Has the 4-point release, which I really like. Another cool thing about the FSBE is that, although it uses the exact same panels and plates as the CIRAS, it feels less cumbersome and restrictive to me, the shoulder areas are more streamlined, as is the chest area. The downside is the lack of the inner cummerbund, which means that you carry the weight of the vest primarily on your shoulders.

Pouches: From left to right: Paraclete small GP, for misc. items. 2x frag grenade, based on the MLCS-type, but with elastic instead of adjustable webbing, works well that way. Triple M4 mag pouch, holds six mags, based on a mix of the MLCS and Blackwater Gear mag pouches. Radio pouch for DA-PRC/361 radio, based on the AWS radio pouch. Rolly-prolly....yeah you guessed it Wink. Paraclete small GP for medical items.

The sling is a BFG MVS. I have to change it to a Wolf-hook type sling in order to make the release system in the vest work.

Helmet: SDS Warrior with Skydex upgrade pads and Ops-Core Head-Loc H-harness. Helmet cover is also homemade.

Ear-pro: Sordin Supreme Pro X, works well and enables me to hook the PRC/361 directly into the AUX for stereo sound from the squad radio combined with hearing protection. Sweet!

Chestrig: For operations that do not require armor I have a light chestrig, also homemade, except for the FUGLY. This rig doubles as a detachable panel for my fighting load (ammo and grenades) when wearing my Maritime CIRAS, allowing me to take off the fighting load when inside the fence, but still have the ballistic protection in areas with IDF threat.

Plates: 100% Dyneema Level III Stand alone plates, weight is less than 2,5 pounds per plate!!! Triple curve.

Armor: FSBE-cut armor, Level IIIa and frag rated.

I have been forced to make all these items in M84 camo, as my command doesn't tolerate OD and Tan gear right now. Big deal to some folks I's only nylon Roll Eyes
If I could have used these colours I would have chosen to use the originals instead of making my own, but it kinda rocks to use your homemade gear too, don't it?

This setup will be put to the test next week and adjustments are unavoidable, I hope that I have the time to build a admin pouch for the chest area before going out monday.
Originally posted by mags:
My plate carrier, DBT FAPC. Triple 2x M4 mag shingle, quad 9mm pouch, small biner, tourniquet, ear pro, mre spoon w/lanyard. Go light with the carrier or full on, IBA with above rack over it. Either way I was GTG and always had what I needed.

1st line was a Wilderness CSM riggers belt, 6004, other leg was subload, mags or 203 bombs.
Again always worked well for me.

Every one should have an MRE spoon in their kit!! With the non spoon end sharpenedSmile!!

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