I'm going to throw this out there to see others opinions. 

Something mentioned in another thread once again brought to my mind the question of sight radius.

For 46 years I've seriously played with firearms and for some periods of that time fired a gun of some sort almost daily.   I've yet to be able to look  at my shooting or someone else's  and say the results were due to sight radius.

Good shooters shot good, suckie shooters shot sucky, regardless of sight radius.  

I once had a S&W 19 with a  2 1/2 barrel and with wadcutters it could stack them on top of each other at 25yds, just like a 4".   Glock 19 or  G17 which one shoots best in my experience depends on how it likes the load and might as well throw the G26 and G27 in there too.   Iron sighted rifles?  18". 20", 24" bbls it depends on the day and ammo seemingly.

My way of thinking it is all like a Venn diagram with a whole lot of overlapping based on trigger, sight, weight, ammo, etc weighing in on how much overlaps.


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I saw Bob Munden shoot a snub-nosed .38 S&W at a paper plate at 100 yards and hit it every time.   Whilst (I love using that word) sight radius is very influential on the shooters ability to aim, in and of itself, it is a mere portion of the things that need to happen in order to shoot well.


Many ways to skin a cat. Your way may not be “the” way, but it is “a” way that will work for some but not others. 

Some  days I just can’t get the front sight to cooperate but I’m stacking rounds  other days the post is sharp/crisp but I can’t hit shit. It’s then that I try not to overthink things which I often do.  Paralysis by analysis. I then revert to “there’s the target hit the fucker” and stop thinking about missing   

If you’re a heretic, many of us are in the boat with you. 

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Sight alignment, sight picture, trigger control, and breath.  Those are the main components.  Skill is essentially applying those components consistently with the smallest degree of variation.  Lack of skill is precisely the opposite.

With respect to sight alignment, a longer sight radius may not always be necessary, but it makes it easier.  The longer the range, the more critical it is.  So yeah, I guess mostly I think you're a heretic, but I checked the rules and burning at the stake isn't required.



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