I'm looking for a sling recommendation for a heavy rifle, it will be mostly a carry strap. if it matters, it is on CZ455 Varmint Tacticool model 22lr.

About 8.5 lbs IMG_4287 


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If it’s just a carry strap, Magpul RLS.  I just put one on my Savage Axis . 308 and am pleased with it for my intended use (mostly a carry strap).  

On the other hand a padded BFG Vickers would do well, too. 

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I use Vickers slings for pretty much everything. Padded if it's overly heavy, or I'm planning on humping for a long distance. I'm trying out the medic sling for general purpose carbines, too.

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It just seems counter intuitive to carry a rifle by the most fragile component, especially if it is a big optic.

Tell me what I'm missing, not trying to being a butthole, but seriously asking.

For me I like something in biothane about 1 25" as it is kind of sticky and keeps it from  slipping and doesn't mildew and is super strong.

Sorry for the back to back post.

As it looks like you are a hunter and probably shoot from field positions rather than a bench, have you tried a ching sling setup?  The CZ rimfires are a quick adapt, just put a standard detachable swivel stud in place of the forward screw  in the floor plate.

I make something similar for my own use but it is one piece  and the center piece doesn't slide but is fixed.    



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Well, I would recommend taking a look at our companys models. Not just a sling but carrying harness/safety sling and the original 3HGR sling can be used to strap around a tree etc. for support if the situation needs/allows for it.

Here is the background for the sling:


Different models now available


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