I have a need / want for a small / inconspicuous IR pointer that can mount to a rifle...I was in a situation last night where one would have been very helpful.

Anyone have any experience with the now discontinued Crimson Trace or any of the current Lasermax offerings?

I have a Dbal and a CQBL on my personal guns...I’d rather just use one of those but I can’t at work. 

Is there anything low profile that doesn’t suck and would hold zero on a roughly treated carbine?

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lowlight posted:

Super small green laser with photo film over it?

If "photo film" is an IR filter, that won't work, for the same reason the IR flip caps for incandescent lights don't work on LEDs; the lasers will produce light in a very specific spectrum, so the filter will block out all light, and there's no left-over IR spectrum light to spill out.

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I have enjoyed a TLR2-IR for a bit, but they make no "TLR-2-HL-IR." The white like is pretty low power so is now reverted to only some indoor/training guns (like my 9mm upper).

I really like the X300U-A on a carbine (a U-B would be better, just cheap so do not have one) and am even more confident it stays there and is protected with the Unity adapter thingy. I also like to stuff a hand stop behind it (the LT one, bolted straight to my VCAS Alpha rail works nicely) so you cannot white light ND pretty much any way you bump or grab the gun. Anyway... no idea if that adapter works for the X400, but if so, I'd go for that as the laser on a light is awful compact, one battery, and is a reliable item when dropped, frozen, soaked, etc. 

I find no evidence the unimax or similar items are even water resistant, so call that a no-go myself. 

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Is the Steiner ATAL too big, or a no go for your work guns, too?

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