I used the MSR Whisperlite international for a long time.  Mostly with white gas.  Tried gasoline once ( that was scary)    and denatured alcohol a couple times (that was OK).   The design is really best suited for white gas. 

Last year, I finally picked up a Jet Boil - fantastic.  One thing I did do was take a tuna can and cut out the top and bottom of it and drilled vent holes on the sides all the way around.   It rests between inside the edge of the Jet Boil burner assembly head/ outside the actual burner coil itself and allows food cooking with cookset pots I've got.   its a pretty good set up. 


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For turning large quantities of snow into water ad then boiling large quantity, for years, Whisperlight, then upgraded to Dragonfly (sounds like a jet engine when in full scream. Then, XGK, then XGK-EX which can also operate as a lead smelter to replenish your musket balls in a hurry

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I have had the MSR pocket rocket for almost 20 years now with no issues. I have the pot that nests the tank coupled with a canteen cup it works great!.

I also had the MSR whisper light I think? for over 20 years even used it to heat water to shave in Iraq in 03, worked fine on JP8. Though I did have to clean it a lot.


My pocket rocket has been my go to for years and I couldn't be happier. It's stupid simple to use so I can cook when I'm stupid tired or my fingers are stiff and cold. I also use a canteen cup style stove with sticks/fuel tabs which works great for a quick hot cup of liquid.

I like the pot coozy idea, might have to steal that one!

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